IS militants infiltrate into Kurdish- held Gari Spi

Ebril, Kurdistan (KP) – A number of gunmen from the extremist group of Islamic State (IS) were able to infiltrate into the suburb of the Kurdish-held Gari Spi city in northern Raqqa province, a military source reported on Saturday.

Image Source: Kurdishstruggle, Flickr, Creative Commons Kurdish YPG Fighters

Image Source: Kurdishstruggle, Flickr, Creative Commons
Kurdish YPG Fighters

Speaking to ARA News in Gari Spi, a spokesman for the Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) said that some 30 IS militants have infiltrated Saturday afternoon into the eastern suburb of the city, clashing with the Kurdish forces of the YPG.

“The clashes continued until Saturday midnight. The terrorists were finally forced to withdraw towards IS bases in Raqqa city,” the source added.

“The terrorists have entered the area from the Turkish territory near the town of Akcakale (a district of Sanliurfa province), reaching Tel Abyad’s eastern suburb. They have headed to Raqqa city after clashes with the Kurdish fighters,” the source told ARA News sing the Arabic name of Gari Spi, Tel Abyad.

“Local IS sleeper cells in Tel Abyad have apparently helped this group of terrorists to infiltrate into the area,” he added.

IS-linked media activists circulated on Twitter the news of the IS infiltration into the city, saying the militants were searching for what they described “atheists”.

Speaking to ARA News in Raqqa, media activist and director of the campaign ‘Raqqa Slaughtered Silently’, Abu Ibrahim ar-Raqqawi, confirmed that a number of IS insurgents infiltrated Saturday into the eastern outskirts of Gari Spi and were engaged in heavy clashes with the Kurdish YPG forces near the border gate with Turkey.

“Subsequent to the clashes, a state of alert hit the ranks of the Kurdish forces across the city, coupled with deployment of the Turkish army troops on the border crossing near Tel Abyad,” the source added.

Kurdish YPG forces and allied Syrian rebels recaptured Gari Spi and its countryside last June, after fierce battles with ISIS extremists.

The YPG leadership last week reported several rocket attacks by Turkish troops on the Kurdish positions in Gari Spi .

This report was prepared by Kurd Press.