If we must go to war…

Washington, DC (TFC) – Before the echoes of the Kalishnikov rifles faded from the streets of Paris, it became obvious the West was going back to war. The feeds on Twitter and Facebook clearly demonstrated popular support. The call for blood was stronger than the call for justice. People want revenge, and they don’t care who they exact it from just so long as they are brown, have a funny sounding name, worship a different God, and come from one of those other countries. People who realize the West is headed into a quagmire of unimaginable proportions can only look on in horror, completely impotent. People want to bomb Syria. That seems to be the overwhelming strategy recommended by the Facebook generals. Of course, not a single one of them seems to be aware that the overwhelming majority of Syrians are fighting against the Islamic State. That is the power of US propaganda.

Image Source: Program Executive Office Soldier, Flickr, Creative Commons PEO Soldier

Image Source: Program Executive Office Soldier, Flickr, Creative Commons
PEO Soldier

The American people are ready to go to war against the people who are fighting the perpetrators of the terrorist attack in Paris. It seems that everybody in the country has forgotten that the West armed and trained vast portions of the Islamic State’s army. It isn’t conspiracy theory. It’s fact. Whether or not it was done intentionally could be debated, but the end result is that because of the West’s obsession with ousting President Assad of Syria it created the fighting force known as the Islamic State. Now that group has attacked Paris. So the war drums are drumming, and soon we’ll have magnetic yellow ribbons adorning the backs of automobiles across the country so good Americans can show their support for their favorite team. It will sit next to the logo supporting their college football team, but that one will be permanently affixed. There’s more loyalty to the football teams than there is to the troops. If people cared about the troops, we would have been able to put a stop to this war more than two years ago when the US first tried to sell it to the American people. There were more important things going on at the time, I guess. So while a determined group of activists was able to derail it temporarily, it just kept resurfacing as if it were the bloated remains of this nation’s moral authority. It wasn’t politically feasible to send Western troops in at the time, so the establishment decided on ever-increasing aid to “moderate rebels”. Those are the same moderate rebels that defected to the Islamic State at the first chance they had. That is the same organization that slaughtered people in Paris. It’s an organization that wouldn’t even exist without US support.

The truly sad portion of this is that even though at any point over the last two years the West could have cut funding to these forces and avoided strengthening an actual enemy, it continued to pursue the overthrow of Assad for political and financial reasons. Some of the terrorists involved in the Paris attack might have come from Syria, but the money came from your tax dollars. Of course, the West will overlook this and the people will ignore those uncomfortable facts while, instead, embracing some yet-to-be-published slogan for the war. There’s nothing that can be done about that. The war will march on. It’s highly unlikely that the calls for blood and vengeance will calm.

If we must go to war, should it not be executed in a fashion to preserve the most life possible and be concluded in a manner in which the West is no longer necessary?


It won’t be. It will be a repeat of Iraq and Afghanistan. There will be a focus on regime change. There will be an endless supply of civilian deaths. There will be more veterans coming home missing limbs and suffering with the psychological trauma of an occupation. There will be money. It won’t be shared among the commoners, but rest assured the defense industry that has bought your representatives will make a pretty penny. Your neighbor’s kid will die for their profits. Keep in mind that back in 2013 when the push for this war started, the news didn’t tell you that all of those people on your TV screen pushing this abomination were currently employed by the defense industry.

You can’t stop it now, but you could have stopped it two years ago. If the American people refuse to pay attention to or become involved in their government, they will end up with the government they deserve. As every flag draped coffin comes home and every child is torn apart by drone strike, every American citizen should remember that this was avoidable.

The most important thing to remember is that this was all planned almost ten years ago, as proven by documents available on Wikileaks.

The American people have been had, and they don’t even know it. They will cheer and wave flags while they send another batch of American soldiers into a meat grinder for a created and wholly unnecessary war.