Video: Israeli troops surround, then shoot unarmed Palestinian woman with her hands up

Tel Aviv, Israel (IMEMC) – In Al Afula town, near Nazareth city, Israeli troops and police officers shot and critically wounded a Palestinian woman at a bus stop on Friday.

Still image from video of unarmed woman shot in Nazareth (circle around unarmed woman)
Still image from video of unarmed woman shot in Nazareth (circle around unarmed woman)

The woman was identified as Esra’ Zidan Abed, a mother of four, who is from Nazareth city.

A video that was released on Facebook shows that around 10 Israeli police officers surrounded Abed, who held her hands up before she was shot from close range. The video showed that the woman had no weapon.

Later Israeli troops stormed Abed’s family home in Nazareth and arrested her father and another member of the family. According to Pannet online site, the Nazareth municipality issued warning to all Palestinian residents to take caution, as all Palestinians are becoming targets for Israeli police attacks.

This report prepared by Ghassan Bannoura – IMEMC News.

Note from The Fifth Column: The situation in Palestine has been deteriorating quickly. While most of the media is focused on Syria, the Occupied Territories have been under constant attack. This has prompted Palestinians to begin to engage in knife attacks on Israelis. The Israelis, in turn, asked all of their citizens to carry personal firearms at all times while in public. This is the second incident of an unarmed Palestinian being gunned down while seeming to cooperate with authorities in the last few days that was caught on video. Other instances have been reported but lack video evidence. Fadi Alloun was fleeing a mob of Israeli settlers and apparently seeking the assistance of Israeli authorities. They shot him. Israeli intelligence officers have been caught on video infiltrating Palestinian protests and encouraging violence. With the world’s eyes elsewhere, it seems the Israeli government has decided to take the opportunity to “mow the lawn” and engage Palestinians.

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