Inside Jenin Refugee Camp

Jenin Refugee Camp, Occupied Territories (TFC) – Ever wonder what it’s really like inside a Palestinian refugee camp? One documentary filmmaker wants to show you through the eyes of ten children. His plan is to show us the lives of five boys and five girls living in Jenin. The film will document them for five years.

Image Source: francis mckee, Flickr, Creative Commons jenin camp 26

Image Source: francis mckee, Flickr, Creative Commons
jenin camp 26

It’s an extraordinary undertaking. The filmmakers are in essence sentencing themselves to life in refugee camp for five years. Ismael Jabarine, the filmmaker, has been in and out of the camp since 2013. It began when he had the opportunity to visit the camp. After he returned to Germany, he couldn’t forget the sights, sounds, smells, and suffering. Here’s what he had to say about it:

While I was working for Cinema Jenin, I had the chance to visit Jenin Camp. As a Palestinian, visiting a refugee camp in my homeland for the first time ever, I was shocked by the scarce living conditions I was confronted with.
Driven by curiosity I used to spend most of my free time in the Camp. Soon, I began to develop a deep respect for the people living there.
But what touched and impressed me most were the little kids playing in the dirty narrow alleys.
When I walked through the camp with my camera, the kids used to run after me, begging to be photographed. Day after day I went to meet them, spending countless hours talking to them and listening to their personal stories. During these conversations, I often had to suppress my tears, being moved as a person, as a journalist, and as a father of two.
Back to Hamburg  I was not able to forget what I had experienced in Jenin Camp.Indeed, the encounter with the Camp’s children had left me deeply impressed…
It did not take me long to return to the Camp to start working on this documentary film. I did not want to accept that those kids could be left alone with their trauma and pain.

While the project has been self-financed so far, he is now looking to obtain support from the international community.

The cost for a project of this scope is significant. Five years of filming inside a refugee camp in the heart of occupied Palestine is expected to run a little less than $350,000. He has established an indiegogo fundraiser for those that wish to contribute. For videos of the children and for the sometimes brutal background of Jenin, click here.