Purge of Maine: Cyberbullies tormenting teen girls so dumb they provided all the evidence needed

Rockport, Maine (TFC) – In a case of America’s dumbest criminals, suspects in a cyberbullying case handed over all of the evidence needed to identify them, despite believing they were elite hackers. The suspects shared nude photos of underage girls on a series Facebook pages set up to harass and intimidate local teens. The suspects allegedly hid behind proxy servers and used a VPN to mask their identity, but were unaware that at least two of their victims used a beta version of new software that embedded information about every device the photos were stored on into the photo. When the culprits shared the images, even though they were attempting to hide their physical locations, they provided information about their devices that will be used to identify them.

A source rumored to be close to the case said:

“We’ve got all the device information from the photos. Now it’s just a matter of cross-referencing the data from the different devices and then pulling the accounts those devices logged into. We don’t even need the devices. This is just a matter of time. So far we’ve identified two of the people involved.”

The suspects could face charges at both the state level in Maine and the federal level. Sentences could run into decades for the child pornography, and some believe that the suspect running the Facebook page that was instructing victims to beg for their photos not to be publish will face additional charges related to extortion.

Clarence Windsor, noted child psychologist, told The Fifth Column that the suspects were most likely boys with gender identity issues.

“They may not even realize it yet, in fact they probably don’t, but when a male exhibits this much hatred for women and focuses his rage on the bodies of the girls, he most likely has deep repression of his own sexual identity.”

We asked for further clarification.

“No, he isn’t gay. ‘Gay’ would indicate that he wants to have homosexual relationships with men. He most likely doesn’t. He wants to have heterosexual relationships with men. He wishes he was a woman. The feelings being this repressed is the reason we need more adequate counselling services in jails and prisons. Once they enter the prison environment, the boys will be further victimized, and drive those feelings even deeper.”

While many may find that amusing, we should remember that even though the boys are old enough to be tried as adults, they are still children. They should certainly be punished, but decades of abuse in prison when at least one of the boys has a serious psychological condition should not be mocked. He should be welcomed to express his gender identity, not mocked for it.

Windsor continued,

“The victims need to be reassured by their families, friends, school, and associates that they are victims. They made an unwise decision and trusted the wrong person. However, they shouldn’t be attacked or made fun of for an activity that is very common. I can’t stress this enough: the girls are not sluts.”

We consulted a legal analyst to find out what will happen next.

“It’s a race. Whichever one of the suspects provides information about the others involved first will get a slap on the wrist, the others will be confined for a very long time. This isn’t like the other cases TFC has asked my opinion about. These guys aren’t ideologically motivated. They aren’t soldiers or insurgents. They’re kids. They were out for a joke. A sick joke, but a joke. One of them will turn in the others to save his own ass. I’ve been doing this 27 years. I’ve never seen a case like this where one didn’t offer up his buddies to get a get out of jail free card. In a case like this, there’s only one of those cards to be had. It’s first come, first serve. The other thing we have to keep in mind is that it is highly unlikely these boys obtained the photos on their own. Somebody, one of the girls’ ex-boyfriends perhaps, gave them the photos. That kid could be facing charges as well, but cops might completely forgive him if he turned the other boys in. Then, there’s the device evidence. I’m not really up to speed on how it works, but from what I understand the physical evidence needed to make the case exists, they don’t really even need the testimony. But to a prosecutor, it’s always preferable to obtain a guilty plea. That’s probably these boys’ only hope of avoiding serious stays in confinement.”

The software that was used was originally developed to track copyrighted pictures. A spokesman for the developer stated the company was thrilled to have their software used in such a manner. “Who doesn’t want to protect kids? We might see about adding our software to phones and webcams for free.”

Image Source: Jeremy Keith, Flickr, Creative Commons Hacker Jargon

Image Source: Jeremy Keith, Flickr, Creative Commons
Hacker Jargon

There are more than a dozen law enforcement agencies cooperating in the investigation. Anonymous “Pedo Hunters” are also tracking the boys. TFC’s Justin King attempted to make contact with the suspects through the Facebook page, but the suspects ignored repeated requests for interviews.