Nurses are wrong about The View

Washington, DC (TFC) – Nurses around the country are in an uproar over comments made by the cast of The View. The View’s hosts mocked Miss Colorado for appearing in a nurse’s uniform and wearing a doctor’s stethoscope during the talent portion of the Miss America contest. Nurses took to social media and blasted the show’s hosts while threatening a boycott.

Image Source: Alan Levine , Flickr, Creative Commons Nurses Rule! University of Sydney

Image Source: Alan Levine , Flickr, Creative Commons
Nurses Rule!
University of Sydney

Nurses cannot boycott The View. Nurses are college-educated, intelligent professionals, many of whom possess advanced degrees. You’re not exactly The View’s target demographic. Let’s just be blunt. It’s a show for dumb people. It’s not like you are getting off work and rushing home to watch the show on your DVR. The hosts aren’t very bright either. We’re talking about women who issued an “apology” that didn’t actually include an apology. These ladies don’t even know what the phrase “out of context” means. The whole incident was recorded. It can’t be taken out of context. Everybody knows what was said and what was meant.

Then the nursing community blasted the hosts on Twitter and Facebook. You’re talking to women that don’t understand their own words, how do you expect them to understand yours? These aren’t smart women. Trying to debate these women would be like you running into the special needs wing of the pediatrics clinic and handing out calculus homework. It just isn’t fair. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for attacking them in this manner.

Furthermore, the hosts are right about a lot of their comments. Nursing isn’t really a talent. It isn’t exactly a useful skill like, say, baton twirling or playing with a Solo cup. Then there’s the infamous stethoscope comment.  If you take a good look at the stethoscope, you’ll see that she was right. It looks brand new. Almost like it has never been used. It probably is a doctor’s stethoscope, not a nurse’s.