Why Are Toxic Chemicals Being Sprayed In My Front Yard Tonight?

Santa Clara County, CA (TFC) – What has happened to human rights? Do I have a right to not be poisoned in my own house or on my own property?

Do people have the right to be “secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects?”

Apparently, the County of Santa Clara does not respect such rights. Tonight, starting at 11:00 PM PST, my neighborhood will be sprayed with the pesticide Zenivex®. Allegedly, this is done to control mosquito populations – “essentially, preventing larvae from becoming adult mosquitoes.”

Fogging Operation in Santa Clara & San José Scheduled for Thursday, August 27

The Santa Clara County Vector Control District (SCCVCD) has confirmed that adult mosquitoes collected from the 95050, 95053, 95126, 95128, and 95117 ZIP code areas of the city of Santa Clara and San José tested positive for West Nile virus (WNV).

The detection of mosquitoes infected with WNV has prompted the scheduling of a mosquito fogging treatment in the surrounding areas in an effort to prevent human cases of WNV. Weather permitting, the ground fogging operations are scheduled for 11 p.m. on Thursday, August 27 and will conclude a few hours later in the early morning of Friday, August 28.

Source: SCC.gov

Mosquito Fogging
“Ground fogging,” they call it. This is where they spray Zenivex®, which contains another pesticide called Etofenprox, from a tank rigged to the back of a truck. Etofenprox has been proven to be a detrimental toxin. This chemical acts on the membrane of nerve cells “blocking the closure of the ion gates of the sodium channel” and this “strongly disrupts the transmission of nervous impulses, causing spontaneous depolarization of the membranes or repetitive discharges.” It has been used on insects with the intended effect of paralyzing and killing them.

Toxic effects of Etofenprox, include:

  • The primary symptoms of intoxication with most synthetic pyrethroids affect mainly the nervous and muscular systems. However, the liver was also a major target organ for the toxicity of etofenprox in dogs. Other target organs for toxicity in rats were the kidney, thyroid and hematopoietic (blood building) system.
  • Most frequent symptoms are:
    • Ataxia (uncoordinated movements)
    • Hyperreactivity (exaggerated reaction to stimuli)
    • Tremor (uncoordinated trembling or shaking movements)
    • Paresthesia (skin sensation of tingling, tickling, prickling)
    • Exhaustion (lethargy, fatigue)
    • Hypersalivation (drooling)
    • Vomit
    • Diarrhea
    • Urinary incontinence
  • Other symptoms after severe poisoning include: hyperthermia (fever) or hypothermia (too low body temperature), dyspnea (difficult breathing), disorientation, cramps or spasms (sudden, involuntary contractions of muscles or hollow organs).
  • Symptoms appear a few hours after exposure, but depend strongly on the formulation, the dose and the kind of contact (skin, inhalation, ingestion etc).
  • Sustained skin exposure can cause local dermatitis (skin irritation) with pruritus (itching) and erythema (red skin).
  • Mucous membranes are particularly sensitive to synthetic pyrethroids, e.g. in the nose and the respiratory system (coughing), in the eyes (conjunctivitis), genital organs, etc.
  • After excessive inhalation of synthetic pyrethroids patients can develop allergic sensitization with asthmatic symptoms. In extreme cases, sustained inhalation of high doses can cause respiratory paralysis and death.
  • As a general rule, young animals are more sensitive to overdosing and react stronger.
  • A frequent administration error in dogs is partial administration to small dogs of spot-ons approved for large dogs.

Source: Parasitipedia

Why is my government spraying a toxic compound in my environment? Do I have the right to not be drugged against my will in my own airspace, here in my house and on my property?

For the record, I was never notified nor asked for voluntary participation in this mass-drugging operation. I do not consent. My consent was requested nor given. This is involuntary, government-sanctioned poisoning of a mass population. It is done at night and in the early morning.

What gives any person the right to force-drug a population without their consent? Surely, this is a prime example of government gone astray, seeking out financial relationships with companies like Adapco, a distributor of Zenivex®, rather than respecting and protecting the right of an individual to be safe in his or her person or on his or her property.

Regardless of my consent, Santa Clara County has already made the decision:


The District, the Public Health Department and the Board of Supervisors have carefully weighed the risks and benefits of fogging. The Federal and California EPA, scientific literature, decades of ULV use across the country and fogging operations in Santa Clara County since 2005, all attest to the safety and effectiveness of ULV fogging.

Source: SCC.gov, Vector Control

Whether or not I find it safe or justifiable is not their concern. In the eyes of legislators, I am but a mere subject to be subjugated by the will of the state. This is tyranny. This is chemical warfare. Nobody has the right to spray chemicals in my airspace without my consent. As is stated above, the “risks and benefits” of mosquito fogging have been weighed, that is, without first making the population of individuals in Santa Clara County aware of those “risks and benefits.”

In addition to paralyzing and killing mosquito populations, “fogging” will also affect bee populations:

While Zenivex is toxic to bees, fogging is done late at night (usually starting around 11 pm) when most mosquitoes are flying, and bees are not active. This practice matches the EPA’s guidelines on usage of Zenivex. Many constituents are aware of the reduced number of bees in America. And when they observe dead bees near the time of a fogging operation, they tend to believe that fogging is causing those deaths.

Source: SCC.gov

Who stands to benefit from this? Who stands to profit?
Here is video taken later at night at 12:00 AM on August 28, 2015: