Vester Flanagan and the rise of social justice racism

Roanoke, Virginia- (TFC) There was a time when racial justice was inclusive. White people knew about shameful acts of racism in the past, and present without being singled out as “privileged,” or told to stand in the back of the crowd and stay silent. That time has since passed in America. Social justice warriors have redefined terminology and have molded a narrative that shames and guilt’s white people for being white.

It is that narrative that inspired Vester Flanagan to kill two white, former co-workers on live television.

Just one month after his hiring at WDBJ, in Roanoke Virginia, Flanagan to have confrontations with fellow employees, which caused a station executive to write to Flanagan with the request, “to work on the tone of your interpersonal relationships and exercise great care in dealing with stressful situations or disagreements and your response to them.” His claims of racism within the newsroom were laughable, consisting of him claiming the existence of a watermelon at a company picnic, as well as him being told to pass a road called Cotton Hill Road was racist. Former WDBJ News Director Dan Dennison claimed Flanagan was, “victimized by everything and everyone and could never quite grasp the fact that he was the common denominator in all of these really sometimes serious interpersonal conflicts that he had with people.”

Crying wolf at everything, claiming words and actions are racist, is what social justice warriors do. They see racism in everything, just like Flanagan did. Social Justice Warriors have claimed the usage of #AllLivesMatter is racist, while screaming racism when African American films, or artists are not nominated for, or winning awards. The mindset of yelling racist at nearly everything in society was shared by Flanagan, who like his fellow brethren cried racism by being racist.

For generations racism was defined as, “Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.” Society believed any time someone’s race was described as a reason why the person could not fulfill a desire, or expresses an opinion; the person who made that claim was being racist. Now that definition has been turned on its head, by major liberal publications, bloggers, and keyboard warriors have made being white in America a social crime.

When Taylor Swift dared to respond to Nicki Minaj’s tweet, condemning MTV, for not nominating her Anaconda for video of the year, social justice warriors attacked Swift with visceral rage. Instead of arguing that Minaj didn’t get more MTV video awards nominations because her video wasn’t as good as Swift’s, SJW’s claimed Swift is part of the problem because she benefits from a system that rewards straight, thin, white women over black women. In a story published on The Huffington Post titled, “Taylor Swift’s Tweets To Nicki Minaj Are Peak ‘White Feminism,’” Zeba Blay claimed, “White Feminism works to undermine women of color -while perpetuating the idea that white women and women of color experience the same kinds of sexism and oppression,” before adding, “this means not silencing the experiences of black women. It means being an ally by listening.”

What followed was a highly racist video produced by The Huffington Post that featured Blay and Emma Gray which explained “white feminism,” as a type of feminism that ignores intersectionality. The extremely insane term strives to delegitimize feminists who happen to be white, because their issues of inequality pale in comparison to the plight of minority women.

This new attack on white feminists is simply an extension of the anti-white hatred of the extreme leftists who view every white man as the devil incarnate.

When Bahar Mustafa posted on her Facebook with the request that white people not attend her diversity meeting, social media rightfully exploded, but she was not disciplined by the Goldsmiths, University of London. In her defense, the Feminist Postgraduate Forum released a statement that read in part, “We reject the notion that it is racist to exclude white people or men from organising meetings about racism and sexism, as this entirely ignores the hegemonic power structures that make such meetings necessary.” This new definition follows the premise that racism equals power. Just a few short years ago, if a black man said he doesn’t like white people he was deemed a racist, but now, according to SJW’s that man without power, is not a racist. This new definition has allowed for journalists all over America to jump on the hate whiteness bandwagon without consequence.

In a blog titled “Why I Don’t Sleep With White Guys,” blogger Eternity E Martis used her experience with men failing to know how to approach women to condemn white men for making her feel “objectified, exoticized and sexualized,” while failing to even wonder if these white men were simply enamoured by the presence of a black girl, because they are sexually attracted to women outside of their race.

That insane blog was posted by the same woman who condemned white people involved in a Canadian Black Lives Matter protest for not moving back because those “angry white people”, “-either disliked having a black person tell you what to do, or you are so full of your white privilege that you didn’t feel you needed to move.”

Martis is not the only one spewing anti-white nonsense. Saida Grundy, who like Mustafa, was not fired for her racist comments; went on a Twitter tirade claiming, white and male college students are a “problem population.” As So Cawlege perfectly noted, she claimed only white people practiced slavery, and St. Patrick’s Day was, “White people’s Kwanzaa,” and was “completely made up.” Not only is it sad that a professor didn’t know other races enslaved people, and St. Patrick’s Day is an actual holiday in Ireland, what is most pathetic is how in a world where you can’t tweet a joke about AIDS in Africa, Grundy was not forced from her job, she was defended by racists who condone discrimination against “privileged” whites.

Social justice warriors are allowed to write articles claiming to be scared of drunken young white men, and they are cheered on when they claim white people must take responsibility for the crimes of Dylann Roof.  Liberal publications like Alternet, Salon, Mic, and The Huffington Post do not question how hypocritical their stories look. If a man wrote an article explaining why he didn’t sleep with black women, the story would not be published, and his bosses would reprimand him. If a white professor claimed all gang violence is perpetuated by black males, and black college kids are a problem population, he’d be fired the second his tweet was posted.

But when the shoe is placed on the other foot, those articles, and comments are not deemed racist, because social justice warriors have changed the definition of racism to excuse their bigotry.

In a cartoon re-published on Everyday Feminism, the definition of racism is attacked as being written and edited by, “overwhelmingly white, academic, straight men,” and because of that, dictionaries are simply prescriptive documents of opinion, and nothing else. In essence, dictionaries should be ignored because definitions were written by straight, white men.

We are told the dictionary is bias, and “rooted in privilege, exclusion, elitism, and gatekeeping.” The very people who make this argument no equate racism with power; Vester Flanagan is not a racist because, “racism is committed only by the ruling class and agents of the ruling class because they have the power that comes with racism.” Although he registered for a gun days after the shooting in Charleston, and admitted to participating in the race war Roof wanted, he is not a racist. Neither are the people who praised the death of white people on Twitter, nor is the man accused of pushing a white woman into traffic because he “hates white people.”

Twitter screen capture following the murder of two journalists in Roanoke, Virginia

Twitter screen capture following the murder of two journalists in Roanoke, Virginia

Instead of pointing out the obviously racist elements to the murder; social justice warriors have argued for gun control yet again, negating the fact Flanagan legally purchased the gun, and had no criminal record before he attacked three innocent people because of their race. White Americans were told they were culpable for the crimes of Dylann Roof because he was an example of white supremacy, which is doing nothing to create racial unity. Flanagan was clearly inspired by the reaction to the Charleston shooting into committing his acts of murder.

The very people who claim to be about equality, and peace are committing the same sins as real racists. Blaming every white person for oppression, and shaming them for their “privilege,” has festered a culture in which straight white men and women are under attack based solely on the content of their skin. Any success a white person earns is classified as a privilege, rooted in systemic racism.

Image Source: Dustin Gaffke, Flickr, Creative Commons Day 22: Symbolism Today's quote/lyric is brought to by Bob Dylan.

Image Source: Dustin Gaffke, Flickr, Creative Commons
Day 22: Symbolism
Today’s quote/lyric is brought to by Bob Dylan.

Flanagan isn’t the subject of another reason to enforce stricter gun laws, or better mental health care; he is the poster child of anti-white social justice racism that has made it socially unacceptable to not be a minority.