Trump’s immigration plan needs some work

Washington, DC (TFC) – Presidential hopeful Donald Trump needs to flesh out his immigration plan just a little bit more. On the face, it sounds simple. Round “them” up. Deport “them” as soon as possible. Build a wall. The problem is that these aren’t the steps. Not really.

Round them up: There is no database of illegal aliens. The federal government doesn’t have a listing with addresses and phone number of illegals. To be completely honest, it doesn’t even know how many are in the United States. So, the act of rounding them up requires the United States turn into a police state complete with national identity papers. What happens when a citizen forgets his papers at home? That person would have to be held until they can prove their identity. So we just suspend the Constitution and turn the US into some totalitarian regime where police can stop and search and will. Sounds wonderful. This is what you are advocating when you support this bumbling idiot. If you think illegals are easy to spot because they “look Mexican,” you might want to reconsider. Puerto Ricans are US citizens. Can you tell with 100% certainty the difference between a Puerto Rican and a Mexican or Honduran or Cuban? Probably not. Then we also have to address the fact that many illegals come from Europe or Asia. If those don’t worry you, maybe you should just be honest about what you want. Your issue isn’t with illegals, it’s with people of a skin tone you don’t like.

Building a wall: First the obvious question is: who are you going to get to build it? I don’t see a lot of white folks signing up to mix concrete in the middle of the desert. Assuming the US has the foresight to use the illegal labor to build the wall prior to deporting them, then we run into the issue of trying to combat illegal immigration with a wall. All this does is transfer the trade from “coyotes” to the cartels. You know, the people that recently built a tunnel that was big enough to drive a dune buggy through. They built this tunnel under a wall and into a prison. For some reason, I highly doubt that a wall along the border will be able to slow their operations. I would like people to prepare a list of free countries that have ever had a wall along their border. Militarized borders are a plague on humanity. Let’s say for whatever reason, you still trust the government. Let’s say you trust Trump. This wall doesn’t disappear when he leaves office. It’s still there. Any wall strong enough to keep people out, is strong enough to keep you in. The same uninformed politicians that were screaming about the threat of Jade Helm 15 are now begging for US troops to be active in the United States.

The moral equivalency: The number one reason people want to stem the tide of immigration is to protect jobs from those pesky illegals. When you advocate putting armed troops on the border, you are saying “I’m willing to use violence and kill people to protect a menial job.” You are no different than the guy who gets fired and returns to shoot up the place. On second thought, there is a difference. He has the courage to do it himself. You want to use the power of the government to kill people for you.

Image Source: Fibonacci Blue, Flickr, Creative Commons International Workers Day march in Minneapolis Minneapolis, Minnesota May 1, 2010

Image Source: Fibonacci Blue, Flickr, Creative Commons
International Workers Day march in Minneapolis
Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 1, 2010

Only in the Untied States can otherwise rational people be goaded into believing that somebody that traveled to the United States through the desert with no contacts and a basic understanding of English is a threat to your way of life. The illegals didn’t take “the good jobs.” The good jobs were shipped overseas by the same guy that is trying to convince you that you need his help to protect your job. If you are dumb enough to fall for this, you deserve the master you get. The greatest threat to the American way of life isn’t somebody coming here to try to build a better life. It’s the politician that can convince you give up your freedoms.