The Fifth Column’s new expansions and reader rewards program

Washington, DC (TFC) – The Fifth Column is expanding again. This time we have launched specific social media channels for designated topics. We are also two weeks past our six month anniversary and it’s time to reward the readers that have helped build the network.

Made with photofunia

Made with photofunia

As some of you are probably aware, we recently experimented with a special channel dedicated to events transpiring in Kurdistan. We hoped to find out two things. First, we wanted to know if people were interested in specialized newsfeeds dealing with a certain topic. Second, we wanted to expand our international reach and discover whether or not we could attract readers in foreign countries. The results were very clear. Even though the subject matter is relatively obscure, we were able to attract Western readers that want to stay abreast of events that go unreported by the corporate media. We were also able to attract hundreds of new readers in Iraq, Turkey, Syria, and Iran. With the success of that experiment in mind, TFC has launched some new projects that you need to be aware of.

The Projects:

The Case for an Independent Kurdistan: Most of our analysts agree that we will see an independent Kurdistan arise from the ashes of the conflict in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. This new nation will have large oil reserves, making it an economic power. The Kurdish people are famously secular, and will provide an extremely liberal government in the heart of the Middle East. This new nation will likely reshape the Middle East and change the geopolitical landscape. This channel will provide daily updates on the events in Kurdistan related to the war, the Kurdish people, their history, and their culture. You can expect the page to post two to four times per day.

Beneath the Watchtowers of PalestineThe Palestinian conflict has been an ongoing struggle in the Middle East for more than sixty years. The recent move by Islamic State forces threatens to turn a relatively small conflict into a flashpoint that could engulf large sections of the Middle East. This page will bring you not only TFC’s articles, but articles from other alternative news outlets about the situation in Palestine. This page will likely post two to eight times per day.

Infiltrated Art: Journalists with The Fifth Column often find themselves focusing on the more pressing domestic and international issues. The old media adage of “if it bleeds, it leads” holds true in the independent media. For those that would like a little more beauty and joy in their newsfeed, we offer a channel that will showcase socially aware art and culture-related pieces from around the world. Many of the posts will simply be images of artwork our journalists found poignant. This page will post two to five times per day.

Eye Contact News: One of the main missions of The Fifth Column is to provide as many varying viewpoints as possible. Eye Contact News is an aggregate newsfeed that will bring you face to face with all of your favorite independent news outlets. You can expect to find articles from The Anti-Media, Counter-Current News, Mint Press, Political News Junkie, Digital Journal, Pontiac Tribune, and of course The Fifth Column and many other outlets. This page is for people that are news addicts. This page will post between 20 and 40 times per day.

As with any Facebook page that suffers from Facebook’s post limiting behavior, not all of these posts will make it to your newsfeed. All of these projects will feature posts that will not reach our main social media accounts, so be certain to follow the projects you find interesting. Most of these projects were quietly launched within the last two weeks. Two of them were launched last night.

The Reader Rewards Program:

Our service depends on readers like you staying active and keeping us on our toes. You’ve done that. Your likes, shares, and comments are the primary reason for our rapid growth growth. We want to say thank you in a unique way. Every so often on our main Facebook page and Twitter accounts, we will announce a reader’s name. That reader will have 72 hours to message the page and provide their mailing address. The reader will receive a package from The Fifth Column. What will be in the package?  It will vary, but items already on schedule to give away include: TFC merchandise, books, and even a 3-day prepacked bug out bag. You don’t have to do anything to enter other than be a follower on one of our social media accounts. You don’t have to like or share a special post. You just have to keep your eyes open for your name.

The team at The Fifth Column would like to extend our deepest thanks and express our excitement at the opportunities of the next six months.