Rob Homrich and The Vitruvian Code


Washington, DC (TFC) – In the year 2000, author, artist and filmmaker, Rob Homrich had a near death experience, he was clinically dead for several minutes. While he lay there on the cold emergency room table, his heart no longer beating, he had an out of body experience that would change his life, and unlock the door to the mysteries he is now sharing with the world. From what I have since deduced from that experience, I was either tapped into the collective consciousness of humanity, or reunited with the memories of my past lives, or both. In any case, during that time, I was instilled with the knowledge of my work,” Homrich explained. What is the knowledge that Homrich took away from his metaphysical empiricism? And is this forbidden knowledge the sole purpose of his artwork being blacklisted in 2013, from the world’s largest art competition, ArtPrize? Well, after studying his work, I can, with near certainty conclude that yes, powers

from up high did not want this terrific piece to be shown, because of the clandestine wisdom exposed in HomrichsThe Vitruvian Code.

After watching a film titled, Secrets in Plain Sight by Scott Onstott, which reveals various aspects of the underlying Freemasonic design of Washington DC, Rob had an epiphany. Homrich explained that, “as soon as I started watching the film, something inside me clicked and I realized there were some very key elements that were missing from the puzzle. What’s more is that I realized that I knew exactly what those missing pieces were, and how they all fit together to tell a cohesive story. It was about the equivalent of waking up one day and realizing that you are extremely fluent in a language that you have never studied before, with a strong sense of déjà vu. After the pieces of the puzzle fell into place for Rob, he began to further decrypt Washington DC. With an undaunted spirit, and a multitude of skills such as mechanical drafting, architectural design and cartography, to name a few, Rob decoded Washington DC, and revealed to us more secrets about its layout than ever before. With little more than his gifted mind and a square and a compass, incidentally the same tools utilized in Freemasonry, Rob created The Vitruvian Code. A phenomenal 10 by 10’ drawing of Washington DC, fused with the streets layout, a to scale diagram of da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, the great pyramid of Giza, the wounds of Jesus Christ, and much more. All of which drawn to precisely congruent proportions, aligned with the city’s streets in harmonious symphony. The breathtaking illustration itself vividly and symbolically conveys a cohesive story. Visually telling us about the esoteric design of Washington DC, which was meticulously crafted by our Freemasonic forefather’s, under the direct supervision of George Washington, upon the advent of our nation. Secrets that were meant to remain a mystery, and did, until now.

Shortly after completing The Vitruvian Code artwork, Rob wrote The Vitruvian Code: An Exploration of Washington DC, Esoteric Knowledge, and the Ancient Mysteries. A true to life mystery thriller that is also written as an educational and scholastic textbook. The book touches upon a variety of different subjects, including, Rob says, mathematics, geometry, architecture, mythology, astrology, alchemy, science, philosophy, history, and even religion, all of which are used to decipher the mystery. Rob also made a video series called Secrets of the Vitruvian Code, which explain in great detail the mysteries of Washington DC. The series contains three videos, two of which titled, The

Decoding of Washington DC and The Fifth Element, can be found on Rob’s YouTube page. The third and final video in the series titled, The Seventh Seal, is in the process of being made and will be available in due time.

Rob Homrich, a modern day renaissance man, who brought forth a greater understanding of the Freemasonic roots of Washington DC than ever before. A man blacklisted from ArtPrize for discovering mystery’s the powers that be don’t want exposed. His videos give us a better understanding of the esoteric side of our nation’s capital. His book, The Vitruvian Code: An Exploration of Washington DC, Esoteric Knowledge, and the Ancient Mysteries, which will be available for the final blood moon in September, will certainly be filled with invaluable knowledge, and may just blow the lid off of some of the greatest secrets we were never meant to understand. As Rob says “The truth is stranger than fiction. Washington DC is not only heavily encoded with Masonic symbolism, but that very same symbolism can be used to decipher a secret code that is hidden within the city’s design, and contains some of the greatest secrets in all of history.” I for one am very excited to read Rob’s book, before it too is blacklisted and banned, for the forbidden knowledge contained within.

You can check out Rob’s video series on his YouTube channel or interact with him personally on his Facebook page. Rob was recently featured on Freeman Fly’s show at