Change Is Gonna Come… The Government Said So.

Washington, DC (TFC– Back in the day if a white protester tried to discourage groups like the Black Panthers from militant action, they were suspect for spouting the very things that the police and politicians had been saying. Members of the Weather Underground were considered “down” and being an “ally” meant being a co-conspirator – supporting militant action and self-defense, and engaging in action, not just theorizing about it.

Multiethnic groups like MOVE grew out of the fertile soil of those years. A whole new generation of activists and revolutionaries were inspired by the successes of the people who put in work back in those days, and vowed to learn from their failures and shortcomings…

Back in those days, if you tried to tell anyone that the answer was to “grin and bear it,” the motive for you spreading the government’s message among protesters was clear. While agent provocateurs attempted to get this group or that involved in illegal activities to raise funds, no fed or snitch was out there getting their hands dirty in the streets.

Now, long time, well-known Occupy activists are accused of being cops because they point out that those cops in Baltimore would have never been arrested if things wouldn’t have burned. A screen capture from a Twitter comment is taken as evidence and quickly circulated throughout the Internet as cliques discuss how to appropriately ostracize the wayward tweeter.

We live in an age where an African American man wearing a dashiki and carrying an assault rifle at a police brutality protest is called an “Uncle Tom” by politically correct, coffee shop revolutionaries who imagine Malcolm X as their hero.

We live in a topsy-turvy age – in a world where people tripped over themselves to defend Rachel Dolezal but where people say African Americans like Rashida Jones and Shaun King are not “authentically black.”

We live in a world where John Brown would have been called an “agent provocateur” and Nat Turner would have been called an “Uncle Tom.”

We live in a world where people know nothing about history – where mistakes that were already made and identified are now being made all over again, a world where new jacks believe credibility can be color-coded, and authenticity is determined by how many people use your hashtag.

“The Struggle” has been co-opted by the washed up and grown up peace activists of the 60s, who have turned multimillionaire and politician. It’s the era of John Kerry Revolution, where what the government says is the “due process” for revolution is now being accepted by people holding the signs.

Angela Davis Image Source: thierry ehrmann, Flickr, Creative Commons

Angela Davis
Image Source: thierry ehrmann, Flickr, Creative Commons

Maybe just vote harder this time. Change is gonna come… the government said so.

Written by Micah David Naziri.