The Fifth Column published its 1000th article

10996780_856246887767026_6339216045087794631_nThe Fifth Column launched just a little over five months ago. The idea behind the outlet is simple. We want to provide an international independent news outlet that rejects government and corporate interference while creating a forum for heated public debate. The support we’ve received and the rapid growth of the outlet has clearly demonstrated to us that it was an idea worth pursuing and expanding. Slowly but surely, we are chipping away at government and corporate controlled news. We’ve just published our 1000th article.

At every major milestone, we like to provide our readers with an update that will help them understand what we’ve accomplished and where we are headed. You’re just as much a part of this as any of us, and your feedback is taken into account more than you could ever imagine.

The Fifth Column by the numbers:
Our articles have reached millions via our social media networks.
Even on a “bad” day, the number of people reading TFC is measured in the thousands.
Our Facebook page grows at a rate of about 2700 likes per month. So, almost 100 per day.
Our Twitter account picks up about 1000 new followers each month.
We bring you about 200 new articles every month.
Out of those 1000 articles, we have been cited or republished more than 600 times by other outlets.
Our journalists have made dozens of radio show appearances.


What has happened:

Depth of coverage: From the beginning, The Fifth Column set out to provide original in-depth investigative journalism. We’ve taken you to secret detention centers in Iraq and in the United States, shown countless cases of police misconduct and brutality, debunked conspiracy theories (and failed to debunk others), taken you inside courtrooms, interviewed politicians, and provided dozens of other exclusive investigations.

Breadth of coverage: Through affiliates and Fifth Columnists around the world we’ve provided reports from every continent, even Antarctica. We’re very proud of the fact that we’ve established the first truly global independent outlet.

Unusual Content: Our Tradecraft section has become a much bigger draw than we ever imagined. It will definitely be staying around.

Aggregated Content: We now have more than 40 outlets from all over the world in our network. Every day we pull the best content from those outlets and publish the articles. This aggregated content prevents TFC from becoming an echo chamber where only the views of our staff are represented.


What will happen:

YouTube: Many readers have asked for a TFC YouTube channel. It is something we fully intend on setting up. From an economic standpoint, our base isn’t quite large enough to support the additional overhead yet.

TFC Store: Books, hoodies, T-shirts, press passes, stickers, and so on will all be available soon.

The Fifth Column radio: As much as our journalists love to hear themselves talk, some have suggested a TFC radio show. We’re trying to work out the logistics of scheduling a radio show when our journalists have to be able to begin covering breaking news immediately. Prerecorded shows have been discussed. We like the idea, but it’s still in the preliminary phases.

What can you do to help?

We are a decentralized network that heavily depends on you. Without your support, we wouldn’t have gotten this far. More importantly, if you aren’t reading, we aren’t accomplishing our goals. Every new like on Facebook or Follow on Twitter is a victory. That is one less person relying on the corporate controlled media.

If you’re interested in helping us break down the stranglehold of the media on thought and discussion, here’s a list of very simple things you can do to help:

Let us know if we’re missing something: If something is getting propagandized coverage, post it on our wall. We’ll see if we can get to the bottom of it. If an event isn’t getting any coverage at all, message us and we’ll put you in contact with one of our journalists.

Read, like, share, and comment: Those interactions help expand the reach of the article and expose it to more people. Your share may be the share the pulls one of those connected to you on social media away from the propaganda filling the web.

Make sure you aren’t missing any posts on Facebook: Facebook only shows you a small percentage of posts on your favorite pages. To make certain you’re seeing all of the news from The Fifth Column, while on our Facebook page hover over the “Like” button and click “follow” and “get notifications.” This will make sure you know when our new articles are out. Click here to do this now.
The most important thing to any online news networks is pageviews. They generate the revenue that pays the journalists. Many of our journalists are part-time. If you love The Fifth Column now, imagine what it will be like when the thirty or so contributors can be paid enough to produce articles full-time. Invite your friends to follow us and help us infiltrate the media even faster.