Palestinian Killed By Israeli Army Fire In Qalandia

Refugee Camp, Occupied Territories (IMEMC) – Israeli soldiers shot and killed, on Monday at dawn, a young Palestinian man in the Qalandia refugee camp, north of occupied East Jerusalem, and wounded several others. Eyewitnesses said the slain man was kidnapped, before the soldiers shot him dead.

Medical sources said the slain young man has been identified as, Mohammad Ata Lafi Abu Latifa, 20 years of age.

The soldiers invaded the refugee camp during early dawn hours, and fired concussion grenades, and gas bombs at local youths, who hurled stones and empty bottles on them.

The slain man’s uncle, head of the Popular Committee on the Qalandia refugee camp Jamal Lafi, told the WAFA Palestinian News Agency that the soldiers first chased Mohammad, and shot him in the legs, as he was on his family’s rooftop.

Lafi denied the Israeli military allegations that the Mohammad fell from the rooftop while the soldiers were trying to arrest him, and said the soldiers cuffed the wounded young man with electric wires, and killed him after taking him prisoner.

Palestinian security sources also said Abu Latifa was alive when the soldiers abducted him.

The army handed Abu Latifa’s body to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society several hours after his death.

In addition, soldiers shot and injured two young men during the invasion into the refugee camp.

Foreign Ministry Denounces Murder Of Abu Latifa

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry issued statement, Monday, strongly condemning the death of a young Palestinian man, who was shot and killed at dawn, by Israeli army fire in the Qalandia refugee camp, north of occupied Jerusalem.

The Foreign Ministry said Mohammad Ata Abu Latifa, 20 years of age, “was murdered in cold blood,” and that the crime is “a continuation of Israel’s aggression, and escalating brutality against the Palestinian people.”

In its statement, the Ministry said the “Israeli government, and its head Benjamin Netanyahu, are directly and fully responsible for the ongoing crimes and executions, especially the orders and military protocols that enable the army to kill the Palestinians with impunity.”

It added that the incitement to murder, and the racist statements by Israeli officials of Israel’s right-wing groups, including government officials and legislators, are the cause of this deadly escalation.

“The Israeli government is openly calling for violence and counter violence; it deliberately tries to drag the Palestinians, and their leadership, into an ongoing cycle of violence,” the Ministry said, “Tel Aviv is not interested in peace; it is acting on foiling all international initiatives to resume direct, and meaningful, peace talks.”

The Foreign Ministry also called on various international human rights groups, operating in occupied Palestine, to document the ongoing Israeli crimes, and to submit those files to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

It added that it is documenting those violations, also to file them to the ICC, in addition to continuing its diplomatic and legal work “to ensure criminals are prosecuted.”

Palestinian Presidency spokesperson, Nabil Abu Rodeina, said the ongoing Israeli crimes, invasions, illegal settlement activities, and the escalating invasions into the Al-Aqsa Mosque, “will push the Palestinian leadership to take important strategic positions.”

Israeli border police. Image source: טל קינג

Israeli border police.
Image source: טל קינג

He added that Israel is deliberately acting on foiling all political and diplomatic moves, and that its policies will lead to serious complications.