New Mobile App Takes on The Police State, Seeks to Curb Demand For Police

Cell 411

Boulder, CO (TFC) – A new and upcoming app created by a small startup is appealing to activists and ‘Cop Blockers’ who may be in situations that are dangerous, or in situations where interaction with police officers can turn from tense to dangerous.

Cell 411, the app that will be released in the next several days is, according to the developers, a decentralized emergency alert and response platform.  It allows users to instantly notify a trusted group of friends, family or others of any situation or emergency they may encounter.

In addition to medical alerts, car problems, fire or danger, the app offers a default “I am Copblocking” alert, which would notify a user’s friends of the activity in real time, and provide coordinates and turn by turn directions to the location of the police interaction.  This functionality and information sharing allows users to request help in case of ongoing police action, abuse of human rights or other potentially dangerous circumstances.

One excellent example of the use for the app is when citizens organize themselves in a neighborhood watch group, making the use of Cell 411 virtually a requirement.  The app enables neighbors to notify each other in mass or individually of criminal activity, medical emergencies, fires or police activity.

This call for help could be a beacon to other activists that a violation of rights is occurring, and to send reinforcements if possible. The immediate signal to other family and friends would be a godsend, thus eliminating the worry and wherabouts of the user.

“We are a small group of developers, scientists and designers who believe that technology can facilitate peaceful human interaction. This is why we have built the Cell platform, which is a micro-social platform that allows interaction of human beings in a voluntary and peaceful fashion.”

The developers of the application are not hiding the fact that this app is directly aimed at protecting citizens from police abuse, and enabling users to obtain backup and assistance from friends, family and other activists in case of emergency.

Future versions of the app will also include live video streaming, audio streaming, multiple language support and other “secret sauce” features that have not yet been revealed to the public.

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