BREAKING: 13-year-old beaten to death on video after being accused of theft

Dhaka, Bangladesh (TFC) – A 13-year-old child was tortured and beaten to death on video after being accused of stealing a rickshaw. Beating a child to death over the theft of rickshaw is heinous. The tragedy is compounded now that many witnesses are claiming the attackers tortured and killed the wrong child.

Samiul Alam Rajon was kidnapped by five or six men who laughed and made jokes as the boy begged for mercy. The incident occurred Sundar Ali Market where Rajon is said to have worked as a vegetable vendor. Rajon repeatedly screamed “I will die. Somebody please save me.” Nobody did.

After he was killed, Rajon’s body was tossed into a van. The driver was caught with the van and the body. Local authorities have filed charges against 4 people in connection with the case so far.

The outcry in Bangladesh is deafening. A protest is scheduled in the capital city later this week. There have been at least twenty such beatings over theft accusations in the last two years. Facebook user Haseeb Mahmud said:

“Suspected thieves beaten to death have almost become a tradition in Bangladesh. This time the video being online, the peoples’ outcry is heard much more. The way things are going, you can see many of these incidents live.”

The 28 minute video of the boy’s torture and death was viral on Facebook in Bangladesh. Many expressed outrage over the video’s popularity.

Sabhanaz Rashid Dia posted:

They are beating a child to death for 28 minutes, I am terrified only hearing this. So I could not manage to watch the “most shared” video on Facebook. When expressions and reactions to our surroundings have become to “like” and “share”, what can we really say about the actions of the “humans” who shared this video?

The Fifth Column tends to agree, and has decided against displaying the entire video. The edited video below does not contain the death of the boy and does not show all of the torture the boy endured. Viewer discretion is still heavily advised.  Update: Our original video was deleted by YouTube. Here’s a news report featuring some of the footage.