Black Lives Matter Attempts to Ban Ohio Open Carry from Public Protest

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Beavercreek, OH (TFC)  — The truth is that this story is not some satirical take on true events. It is in fact true, and it should outrage any supporter of open carry in this country.  It saddens me to even write it because, as a journalist, I have been deeply involved in supporting the black community through reporting on police brutality and racially motivated police abuse.  However, the bigotry of the organization Black Lives Matter, and specifically its Ohio chapter, has prompted me to rethink my support for them.

A number of events have taken place in the last few months that have prompted me to question the sanity of the Black Lives Matter organizers, and the level of disconnect they are experiencing from the general public.  First was an event organized by some of the Greene County Black Lives Matter group, which was scheduled in downtown Dayton, Ohio.  It’s unfortunate that I did not take screenshots of the flyers and announcements posted on Facebook by the organizers, but in essence there were posts made on Facebook which basically stated in no uncertain terms, “whites not allowed.”

Now you may think this is a joke or some perverted sense of payback or justice, but it was not, especially since the posts were removed shortly after public outcry, and white supporters pointing out the bigotry of such statements.

Then there is the video shot at a Black Lives Matter event that allegedly took place in Cleveland, where a white journalist, who showed up in support of BLM, was assaulted, cursed at and forced to virtually run away simply due to his skin color alone!  You can watch the video here and make up your own mind.  This kind of bigoted and outright racist behavior is completely unacceptable and as a journalist I cannot tolerate it or ignore it.

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In the video, an individual, who appears to be a BLM organizer, is heard stating that the meeting is only for people of African descent.  As the white journalist is making his way out of the crowd, many people are heard screaming, “stop filming,” proceed to surround him, grab his camera, push him and assault him.  When asked about the racist and bigoted remarks, the organizers defended the behavior by claiming this was a “private” meeting, however the meeting is clearly out in public on what appears to be public property.  Not only that, but the journalist was clearly in the process of leaving, as he was asked to do, when he was assaulted and threatened.

Walmart BLM John Crawford

To top it all off, now we have Black Lives Matter attempting to ban Americans from carrying firearms on public property!  BLM is organizing a protest at the Beavercreek Walmart on August 5, 2015, on the same day and time as Ohio Open Carry’s open carry demonstration, and is ludicrously attempting to intimidate OOC attendees into not bringing firearms or open carrying on public property!

In what cannot be called anything other that ridiculous, Cheryl Smith, one of the organizers of the event made the following post on Facebook stating,

The August 5th Action at Walmart is a weapons free demonstration. Please read the Rules of conduct on the BLM FB page so that we are in united solidarity. We are requesting that 1) Everyone Wear Black 2) Bring a flower of your choice. This demonstration will take on a Silent Reverence to commemorate John Crawford III.

Outside of the fact that “weapons free” does not mean what Cheryl thinks it means, note that she is not kindly and politely asking people what to do on public property. She is in fact telling people what to do, how to behave, and what to wear…and especially that no guns are allowed!

The discourse under this post quickly descended into name-calling and further demands from the organizers claiming that white people, in essence, owe obedience to the organizers. Essentially, anything else short of meeting these demands is disrespectful, in spite of the fact that Ohio Open Carry has participated in numerous open carry walks and demonstrations in the exact same location, and has planned on doing so on the one year anniversary of the shooting, namely on Wednesday, August 5.

Again, let me remind you one last time that these demonstrations and protests are taking place on public property and sidewalks surrounding the Walmart property.  These sidewalks have been used at least once a month by members of the Ohio Open Carry and Cop Block since August 2014 for protests against Beavercreek police policies, which have allowed a peaceful man open carrying a toy rifle to be shot and killed.  In fact, Ohio Open Carry was the very first organization to schedule and participate in an open carry walk after the shooting in order to show solidarity and support for the Crawford family. The Beavercreek PD has a history of harassing open carriers, which is why the issue of open carry in this instance is so critical to the discourse and indeed, why this shooting is, in fact, as much an open carry issue as it is a racial and police brutality issue.

It is clear that Black Lives Matter is attempting to hijack the discourse, and the actual narrative of the incident and the shooting of John Crawford, in order to further their anti-gun political agenda, with no concern to the actual facts behind the shooting and the history of Beavercreek PD.

Unfortunately, due to the political posturing, the blatant racism and bigoted attitude against white people, and anti-gun agenda, I can no longer support Black Lives Matter in any way shape or form, and I call on the black community to condemn their behavior, statements and attitude in clear an unequivocal terms.

As a last reminder, Ohio Open Carry will be there, regardless of what color our skin is, carrying our pistols, rifles and arms to remind the public that open carry is legal and that the killing of John Crawford was senseless and criminal.

Virgil Vaduva is a Libertarian security professional, journalist, photographer and overall liberty freak. He spent most of his life in Communist Romania and participated in the 1989 street protests which led to the collapse of the Ceausescu regime. He can be reached at vvaduva at