What is the proper response to a cop assaulting an unarmed teen in a bikini?

Image Source: Brandon Brooks

Image Source: Brandon Brooks

McKinney, Texas (TFC) – Most of the internet has seen the video of a uniformed thug employed by McKinney Police Department assaulting a teenage girl in a bikini, and then pulling a firearm on other unarmed teens who honorably tried to stop the assault. The Police Department gave the officer a vacation and refused to provide his name to the press. (His name has since been released: Eric Casebolt) They are attempting a cover-up. They are attempting to sweep this under the rug.

What is the proper response to someone physically assaulting a teenage girl after she refuses to comply with an illegal order?

There were multiple civil rights violations that occurred in the seven minute film. The officer threatened to stomp people if they didn’t stop running their mouths. The officer assaulted and detained someone who didn’t obey an unlawful order. The officer pulled his firearm on unarmed teens like the cowardly punk that he is. Some people may think that this is too much to say, but it happened. You can watch it.

The two young gentlemen that attempted to stop the young girl from being assaulted are heroes. The two cops that chased after them are the “good cops” we hear so much about. If they were good cops, they would have put a bullet through the head of the officer that pulled his firearm on unarmed teens that were at a pool party. They didn’t. They backed him up. They stood by while he assaulted a teenage girl.

Some point to the officer being suspended as proof that the system works. It will not have worked unless he goes to prison. Anything short of that is just another example of a police department protecting itself, and its officers getting away with crimes. He needs to be in prison getting manhandled by guards the same way he manhandled a teenage girl. He’s not a hero. He is not McKinney’s finest. He is not someone who made a bad judgement call. He’s a thug who assaulted a teenage girl because he didn’t like her attitude. He is a criminal. If a video surfaced of this occurring and the person wasn’t wearing a police uniform, they would be sitting in jail right now. He isn’t because the department knows that you will forget about this. You will let them get away with it. You won’t demand justice. You won’t call them. You won’t get involved because it isn’t your daughter.

Let’s go through the tape. Officer Thug first emerges on the film stumbling around and falling down or maybe he was doing some cool karate moves. He’s chasing kids that are scared of cops and took off running when the police arrived. We get to see why kids run from the cops in just a few minutes. He disappears from the film, but around 0:55 he shows back up on film screaming obscenities and pushing children to the ground that had already been dealt with by another officer. If you notice, this scumbag is only pushing black kids down. White kids walk off without incident.

At 1:10, you see him scream “get your ass outta here” at another group of kids. This is an unlawful order. The children have no reason to comply.

At 1:42, you get a clear reflection from the silver portion of his flashlight that he was wielding as a weapon. This is certainly against procedure.

At 2:04, you see what appears to be a civilian enforcing the unlawful detention of a minor. This guy needs to be headed to prison, too. To be clear, the officer has to be able to articulate why he is detaining each of these individuals. Any person for which he cannot provide specific reasoning for detaining is an unlawful detainment.

At 2:14, he tells some kids that “I walked up and you got up and took off. That’s evading.” It’s only evading if the officer has a lawful reason to detain them. Here’s the statute.

At 2:27, he tells a group that “if ya’ll keep standing there and running your mouths, you’re gonna go too.” He is threatening arrest because someone is exercising their First Amendment rights. There is no requirement to shut up when a man with a badge tells you to.

At 2:30, he tells the group “you’re leaving now.” They were not interfering with his investigation, they were not obstructing him in any way. He had to walk about ten yards to reach the group. This is harassment and infringement on the right to peaceably assemble.

At 2:56, he begins assaulting a girl who obeyed his unlawful order, but apparently didn’t flee in the direction he wanted her to. Keep in mind she had no obligation to leave to begin with.

At 3:03, he slams her down, the first of many times.

At 3:10, real heroes try to intervene in the assault of a teenage girl.

At 3:12, the thug pulls his firearm and points it at two unarmed citizens.

At 3:16, the cop begins screaming at the girl who has remained seated because the other two children fled from him brandishing his weapon like a lunatic.

At 3:18, the girl screams for someone to call her mother. The brave officer responds by picking up the girl that has offered no resistance, slamming her down again, and pushing her face into the ground. At this point, he is abusing a detained person. This is a federal civil rights violation. He continues to abuse the detainee.

At 3:51, he climbs on top of the girl and places all of his weight on her lungs. This form of chest compression could have killed her. It’s called positional asphyxiation. The girl has still not resisted. While doing this, he begins to lecture the crowd. It is clear his intention was to use violence against one person to strike fear into the hearts of the crowd. This is also a civil rights violation.

At 4:04, he notices he is being filmed. Suddenly, the man who was screaming obscenities tells the kids to “get your butts outta here.” This order was also unlawful.

At 4:22, a girl he smacked earlier begins to tell the crowd he hit her. He threatens her with arrest. This is witness intimidation under the color of law.

By 4:59, four or five adults have witnessed the abuse. Not a single one acted.

At 5:10, he tells the girl “You’re going to jail, if you don’t knock it off.” If she isn’t going to jail, why is she being detained? Why was she assaulted? What exactly was the reason for throwing her down on the ground and abusing her?

At 6:45, the officer admits that he detained people without specific reasons when he states he told entire groups of people to lay down and not move.

This is where the video ends. The officer committed multiple civil rights violations within seven minutes. He committed multiple felonies within seven minutes. His punishment will be a vacation because you won’t act.

To the adults that watched a teenage girl get abused: Remember that you did nothing when it is your family member that is assaulted. Plain and simple. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Your silent consent allowed this. When you wonder why black Americans are afraid of the police, it’s because of the actions of this officer and those like him. It’s also because of the actions of those that stood by while it happened.

To the two young men that tried to intervene: You’re heroes. You showed more bravery and morality than any of the adults on the scene. Your actions were the only thing in this video that gave me any hope for the future. No doubt, you’ll end up doing time while this cop walks free because your community will abandon you. Just know that there was honor in what you did. You should be proud of yourselves.

To the officers that showed up that day. There’s no reason to even get into things that could have been done differently. You don’t care, or you would have stopped this cop from beating up a teenage girl. Just really let it sink in that you showed up to disperse a pool party and an officer wound up drawing his firearm on an unarmed teen. You should all lose your badges, if not your freedom.



Here’s a video interview with the girl who hosted the event.