The shortage of women in the movement is a myth

Washington, DC (TFC) – There have been a number of articles written lately about the shortage of women in the movement. Most of them were written by men. Some were written by women who are targeting the same male audience. Some were written by men pretending to be women. All of the articles have the same tone: there aren’t many women in the movement because the men in the movement aren’t worth dating. There are so many things wrong with this that it’s difficult to know where to begin.

First, the fact that these authors believe the idea that women only join a political movement to find a man makes me wonder why anybody reads them. Seriously, in this movement women are still window dressing? They’re just feeble minded people who can only use their little baby lady brains to find a man to take care of them?

Second, this premise is based upon the fact that there aren’t many women in the movement. I don’t know where these people have been, but the movement is full of women. Literally, they’re everywhere. Conduct a Google image search for the word “protest” and scan the crowds. If you think there aren’t any women in the movement, it’s because you don’t leave your computer.

Here are some things you need to know about women in the movement:

1. There are hundreds of reasons women join political movements. They are the same reasons men do. Women don’t join a political movement, especially this movement, to find a man.

2. If you’ve joined the movement specifically to find a date, we don’t want you. Please, show yourself out.

3. If you need pointers on how to “score” an activist chick, no amount of internet research is going to help.

4. Maybe the reason the authors of and believers in these nonsense articles believe there are no women in the movement is because they are misogynistic pigs and women avoid them like the plague.

5. If you would actually get off of the internet and show up to protests, women are there in abundance. Women don’t exist in your corner of the internet because the environment is full of the attitude that women are there because they want to land a man. You know how quickly you leave a discussion when it becomes overrun with “all men are the problem” feminists? The same principle applies.

Taken at the March for Alternative on Saturday 26 March 2011. Image Source: Garry Knight, Flickr, Creative Commons

Taken at the March for Alternative on Saturday 26 March 2011.
Image Source: Garry Knight, Flickr, Creative Commons

Four little factoids that can help prove the number of women in the movement:

1. Most large alternative publications have a high ratio of women in the top positions. From Mint Press to The Fifth Column women are running the show behind the scenes. Every single article I’ve written for the last two years was read and edited by a woman prior to publication.

2. Check the comments section on any activist related Facebook page that isn’t run by people who think women are second class citizens or just window dressing. You’ll probably find women not only engaging in the conversation, but leading it.

3. Look at the organizers of most events. Yes, the person out front may be a man who has some form of notoriety, but right behind him is an army of women that helped put the event together.

4. Set down your laptop, get off of your couch, and show up to an event. You can see it for yourself.

The women in this movement are intelligent, compassionate, and resourceful. Women drive this movement in many ways. This type of idiotic rhetoric is damaging within the movement because it alienates entire demographics of people. It also discourages people from joining because it makes the movement look hypocritical. Maybe it’s time for the men of the movement to drop the desire to be edgy and just stick to mission.