Texas ‘Pool Party’ Cop’s YouTube Playlist Reveals A Lot

Screenshot of officer's playlist.  Image Source: G. Casebeer

Screenshot of officer’s playlist.
Image Source: G. Casebeer

McKinney, Texas (TFC) – Eric Casebolt is the McKinney Police Department cop that is in hot water over his use of force against a teenage girl in a bikini at a pool party, as well as pointing his firearm at unarmed teens, as well as detaining people without cause, as well as… you get the point.

So what do his social media accounts tell us? Not much; he deleted them immediately. Given the ongoing investigation, isn’t that an obstruction of justice? What could be so bad that his Twitter and LinkedIn accounts needed to be deleted immediately?

His YouTube playlist might shed some light on his online activity. Every single item on his recent “training” playlist was martial arts or cops beating up black people, except one. That one is titled: “Chief tells the TRUTH that Black People don’t want to hear.” One of the videos he watched of cops attacking blacks was the one of himself at the pool party.

We at The Fifth Column typically like to extend the benefit of the doubt in most cases, but really? No funny cat or dog videos? Just violence?

Sorry, Mr. Casebolt. You are not a warrior. You are not in a dangerous job. If you want a dangerous job, go deliver pizzas. You’re apparently a keyboard commando. This mentality is what led you to believe that it was wise to manhandle every (black) person you came in contact with at that pool party. A warrior does not spend his days on YouTube watching people get hurt. A warrior has seen enough pain and death. No sane person wants to injure someone.

I’ve had dangerous jobs and jobs where I had to hurt people. When I got home I watched the Disney Channel. The last thing I wanted to see was more violence. If you’re a cop, and your playlist is similar to his, you need to quit.

There is the possibility that I’m misreading your intentions behind watching YouTube videos about fighting. Maybe your department is just so mismanaged that it doesn’t have the funds for proper self-defense training and this was an attempt to learn how to defend yourself. As we can see from the first attempt at a wrist lock in the video, you can’t really learn it that way. Had the kid you threw to the ground not been compliant and calling you “sir,” he would have been able to break away. You need to be higher up on the knuckles to make that lock effective. We can also tell by your need to draw your sidearm when confronted by two unarmed teens that maybe there’s a training deficit.

The Fifth Column has put together a team of self-defense instructors who have volunteered to come to your department and train officers on how to properly protect themselves without victimizing the public. We will cover their fee. All your department needs to do is come up with the travel and lodging expenses. That is a very serious offer.