Police Raid Dispensary, Get High, And Disrespect Patients

Santa Ana, CA (TFC) – The Santa Ana Police Department raids a medical marijuana dispensary; Cop gets high, disabled patient gets completely disrespected, and all the security audio/video gets disabled. Why?

Here’s the full video from Voice Of OC:

The first thing to notice in this video is the complete fail the officer with a battering ram displays on the front door of the not-for-profit. The ones that remain open during business hours. Protocol, hit it with a ram, then check to see if it’s unlocked? Then since he cannot break the metal doorjamb, he then proceeds to break the wooden one. (It was probably unlocked.)

After struggling through unlocked doors, the officers draw their weapons on patients in the dispensary that are not there to harm anyone. First you can see the female officer with lots of equipment escorting patient Marla James out the doors.

After that you can hear the officers discussing the terrorism they just induced. “Did you punch that one legged old Benita?” Asks one of the officers. “I was about to kick her in her fucking nub.” Came the female officer’s reply.

I want to dissect this, it’s the driving force behind #coplogic gone very irrationally wrong. One cop questions another on the subject of over use of force. The female officer, almost seems to be trying to prop herself up. She had no shame crossing the thin blue line. She described wanting to do worse harm to a defenseless and disabled person who was only looking for alternative ways to cope with pain. What’s worse? Instead of her brethren finding that notion appalling, and saying something in James’ defense, it’s amusing. They laughed, and credited their fellow cop.

Is it any wonder why we see more and more cases of officers overstepping the use of their badge?

Marla James told Filming Cops:

“I was really nice to that officer. I even complimented her on her hair. I have no idea why she wanted to kick my stump.”

The disabling of the video and audio equipment in the scenes afterward which depicted how police just destroy property, is honestly the worst part. After they evacuate the dispensary, and disrespect all the patients. They try to take all the cameras down… Why? What would they gain by destroying the security system? It breeds the serious question, did these officers turn all of the money, marijuana, or equipment seized into evidence? I can answer the question by watching the video further. No, they did not.

You can clearly see in a prolific hypocritical display as one of the plain-clothes officers is seen unwrapping an edible (marijuana infused food) and ingesting it. Also, on the counter is a brown bottle looking like it would be quite fitting in a brown paper bag. Usually these places have Marijuana infused soda as well. Marijuana edibles usually contain more THC/CBD, the chemicals in marijuana that make it medicinal, than marijuana that is smoked for recreational purposes. And this officer, is on duty, consuming the edibles in front of a camera.

Cannabis Training University

Cannabis buds in the drying stage. The plants are hung upside down in a dark and cool area.

Should officers be allowed to get high on duty? Something tells me that’s not allowed.