Man Who Opposed WTC Mosque to be Given 1000 Lashes by Sharia Court

New York, New York (TFC) – After 9/11, the Islamic community wanted to put a mosque near the site of ground zero in New York City. One brave Muslim, named Raif Badawi, spoke out against the building of the mosque, and called attempting to build a mosque near site “insolence.” A Sharia court in Saudi Arabia sentenced the man to 1000 lashes and ten years in prison, plus monetary fines and penalties.

He is ill and is not expected to survive the lashings. What did he say that was so offensive? The truth:

“What hurts me most as a citizen of the area which exported those terrorists … is the audacity of Muslims in New York that reaches the limits of insolence, not taking any regard of the thousands of victims who perished on that fateful day or their families. What increases my pain is this [Islamist] chauvinist arrogance which claims that innocent blood, shed by barbarian, brutal minds under the slogan “Allahu Akbar”, means nothing compared to the act of building an Islamic mosque whose mission will be to … spawn new terrorists … Suppose we put ourselves in the place of American citizens. Would we accept that a Christian or Jew assaults us in our own house and then build a church or synagogue in the same area of the attack? I doubt it. We reject the building of churches in Saudi Arabia, not having been assaulted by anyone. Then what would you think if those who wanted to build a church are the same people who stormed the sanctity of our land? Finally, we should not hide that fact that Muslims in Saudi Arabia not only disrespect the beliefs of others, but also charge them with infidelity to the extent that they consider anyone who is not Muslim an infidel, and, within their own narrow definitions, they consider non-Hanbali [the Saudi school of Islam] Muslims as apostates. How can we be such people and build … normal relations with six billion humans, four and a half billion of whom do not believe in Islam.”

This is a man that understands exactly how many of us felt. He tried to tell his fellow Muslims. Because of this statement and others like it, he will likely die if we don’t do something. He spoke out against the “culture of death” we all know surrounds extreme Islam.

“I’m not in support of the Israeli occupation of any Arab country, but at the same time I do not want to replace Israel by a religious state … whose main concern would be spreading the culture of death and ignorance among its people when we need modernisation and hope. States based on religious ideology … have nothing except the fear of God and an inability to face up to life. Look at what had happened after the European peoples succeeded in removing the clergy from public life and restricting them to their churches. They built up human beings and (promoted) enlightenment, creativity and rebellion. States which are based on religion confine their people in the circle of faith and fear.”

Image source: IslamicGalleryBritishMuseum3" by LordHarris

Image source: IslamicGalleryBritishMuseum3″ by LordHarris

We always ask where the Muslims are that speak out against barbaric versions of Islam. Well, we found one, and he’s going to die if we don’t do something. There’s a joint Christian-Muslim group that is launching a campaign to free this man. They are organizing under the hashtag #backlash and have a Facebook page called Backlash Group. It’s a group that deserves our support. We need to do everything we can to make sure this man isn’t left behind. Click the link embedded in the text, and let’s get this guy freed.

Written By:  N. A. Mkafee for The Fifth Column