IS terrorists attack site where Jesus performed miracle

Molotov Image Source: Alé Mercado, Flickr, Creative Commons

Image Source: Alé Mercado, Flickr, Creative Commons

Tabgha, Occupied Territories (TFC– The Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes sits on the Sea of Galilee and is the site where Jesus is said to have fed 5000 people with only a few loaves of bread and two fish. The church was the site of an arson attack. Why haven’t you heard about the attack from the western media?

Because the “IS” terrorists weren’t affiliated with the Islamic State. These “IS” terrorists were Israeli Settlers. The media traditionally ignores these attacks, even though they occur so frequently that they have their own colloquial name. They are called “Price Tag Attacks” and are conducted by extremists that believe in the Zionist political ideology. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which is an organization dedicated to fighting anti-Semitic behavior, has a section on its website about Price Tag Attacks.

The ADL describes the attacks:

These attacks, which have been labeled “price tag” incidents, target mosques, churches, Arab and Jewish homes and property, Israeli military bases and vehicles, as well as other Israeli Jews. They involve the desecration of property with anti-Arab and anti-government slogans including the phrase “price tag”, often accompanied by hateful and racist slogans, the name of an illegal settlement, or a reference to an Israeli casualty of Palestinian terrorism, the implication being that the violent incident is the “cost” of Israeli government action on settlements or for anti-Israeli violence.

The suspects were questioned and released within hours.

These extremists are people who believe the policies of the Israeli government are too passive. Keep in mind that the policies they view as too passive have been characterized as war crimes by many. The media, out of fear of being seen as anti-Semitic, refuses to cover the activities of these extremists. If this same attack was conducted by the Islamic State, it would headline every newspaper in the United States.

The reluctance to cover these attacks is as good as complicity in advocating the policies the extremists want to see enacted. The public needs to be aware of the danger of any extreme ideology. Especially one that has the ability to trigger wars and impact the lives of so many people. Without proper coverage, people with these extreme views may be able to become even more influential within the Israeli government because the public is unaware of the danger.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization and the Catholic Assembly have publicly condemned the attack.

Just as we always point out that Islamic extremists are not representative of Islam, Zionist extremists are not representative of Judaism.