Hero Cops in Texas Save Entire Community

Overton, Texas (TFC) – The amazing men and women of the Overton Police Department saved their entire community from a group of vicious youths that set out to defile the community with their illicit product. The gang of hoodlums, ran and encouraged by one of the criminals’ own mothers, peddled their illegal and dangerous product in broad daylight on a city street.

Overton cops quickly swooped in and shut down the operation. There will be no more of the harmful substance endangering their community. The juvenile delinquents were openly selling a liquid form of Cirtus Limon. The substance was apparently cooked up in their mother’s kitchen and the youths made so much of it that they were selling well below the normal street price. Some suspect it was an attempt to get residents hooked on their particular brand of lemonade.

Yes, lemonade. The youths are aged 7 and 8. They were running a lemonade stand to raise money so they could take their father to a water park. The hero cops shut them down because the health department hadn’t inspected their facilities. Seriously. This happened.

Overton Police Chief Clyde Carter said:

“They have to have a permit if they’re going to do the lemonade stands.”

The permit costs $150 dollars. The girls had made about $25 before the goon squad arrived. This is what tax money in Overton goes to. It’s obvious this department could use a funding cut. The town has population of less than 3,000.

The only good news is that the residents of the community have blasted the Overton cops and the chief on social media.

lemonade or meth.  Image Source: J. Peter Siriprakorn, Flikr, Creative Commons.

lemonade or meth.
Image Source: J. Peter Siriprakorn, Flikr, Creative Commons.

Interestingly enough, the tiny community, which is so crime free that officers have time to investigate illicit lemonade labs, has a violent crime rate that has exceeded the national average all but one of the last six years. One year, the violent crime rate was more than 300% of the national average. Most of the incidents that are causing the violent crime rate to be so high are rapes.

I’m no expert, but perhaps there is a better way for officers to spend their time. This is honestly just a police department acting as a goon squad to extort taxes from children. These clowns are literally acting like the Sheriff of Nottingham.