Acts of Vandalism in McKinney ‘Pool Party’ Neighborhood

McKinney, Texas (TFC) – Residents of the neighborhood where the now infamous “pool party” video was filmed are saying that they have been targeted with vandalism and retaliation. Even though there were no police reports filed about the incidents, residents on social media are saying that cars have been vandalized. Some have expressed concern that they didn’t do anything to deserve the vandalism while defending the actions of the officer in their posts.

Many find it very funny that all of sudden the group that watched idly or even helped the officer detain a 14-year-old girl that cried out for her mom as she had her face was shoved in the dirt, was flung around like a rag doll, and then had knees pressed into her spine are now concerned about collective punishment. They didn’t seem to care when a 14-year-old girl was being punished, even though she had not violated the law. She was with “those animals” so she had it coming, right? As one poster said, “she laid down with dogs and got fleas.” Couldn’t the same be said for a neighborhood whose silent consent allowed the rights of a 14-year-old girl to be violated?

While there is no evidence to support the vandalism even took place (and this community has been shown to be economical with the truth), nor is there any evidence to attribute any vandalism to retaliation, it is interesting to entertain the possibility. We also have to entertain the possibility that any vandalism that was said to occur was the work of the vandals that have been plaguing the town since last month. However, let’s say that it was in response to the pool party incident.


There are dozens of adults shown on the films that either passively or actively assisted in the deprivation of this young lady’s rights. This should be seen as a clear message that the younger generation will not accept the suspension of inalienable rights whenever an officer thinks the Constitution doesn’t need to apply. None of these upstanding citizens said a word when the officer threatened to take people to jail for speaking. None of these law-abiding residents said a word when the officer randomly detained people as collective punishment. None of these fine Americans said a word when a teen was manhandled because she refused to give up her right to peaceably assemble.

If you see something like this happening and you do nothing, you’ve chosen your side.

If you support collective punishment for the violation of rules put in place by an almighty Homeowner’s Association, you certainly support it for those that would trample the Constitution, right?

Image Source: Facebook

Image Source: Facebook