A Message to Anonymous From An Anon

The only thing that feeds a troll is the response.  If you ignore a troll their desire for reaction is not met and they move on to another opportunity. Yes, Anons often troll, but there is a reason for the trolling. Then there are people who enjoy tension and drama.

When you open a conversation with the most negative comment you can muster you are simply trying to get your rush by pissing others off as drastically as you possibly can.  You are not trying to solve anything. All the drama that you’ve ever witnessed is essentially rooted in one’s desire for validity, recognition, and entertainment.

We know that there are moles within Anonymous.  We know this. If you assume that every Anon that you encounter is one without an ulterior motive you are being delusional.  Always operate with the assumption that you are going to encounter people who do not hold Anonymous’ interests and/or values in their heart.  Always bear this in mind when you’re getting opposition from another Anon.

When fact is trolled and there are two opposing sides, you have at least one group of people who do not have facts in hand and are working on assumption and drama filled entertainment.  Shooting your mouth off without facts, is ignorance.  Everyone claims to have good intentions, but if that were the true motivator they would be more optimistic and positive, instead of going straight for the throat in an effort to create drama. If one party does not come to the table with facts it is nothing but ignorance, the same type of ignorance where racism and nationalism are rooted.

“If you don’t ever want to look like a dumbass don’t open your mouth unless you know what the fuck you’re talking about.” – Anonymous

Doing anything else is dangerous and creates a situation where you become a liability.  It isnot a way to create trust and security in an organization or an idea.  Without proof, you should not purport your comments as truth, ever.

“Wise men speak because they have something to say, fools because they have to say something.” – Plato


The entire foundation of Anonymous principles is love.  Yes, we want transparency, equality, honesty, sincerity, compassion, loving your neighbor and helping one another and humanity, but it all boils down to love.  If you are not striving to achieve purity, if every action that you take each minute of each day is not a deliberate act of selfless love then you are not there yet.  You are still coping with ego.  The true spirit of Anonymous is about selflessness, not selfishness.  It is not about serving your own ego.  If you don’t have the ability to address someone who is out of line without being out of line yourself, then you need to ask if you are fighting the good fight or are you trying to win a battle of the ego?  This will never help or accomplish anything. If two opposing views come into the arena and all parties are legitimate there will be a discussion and not an attack.  When fighting begins, accusations are thrown and respect is lost, there will be no constructive conversation or problem solving. Realize that you are the more mature and developed Anon in the situation and act accordingly.  If you are attacking another Anon, it is time for introspection.

Anonymous Population Census

Anonymous is a legitimate idea.  However, if you have an open door policy there is no entrance exam or interview.  Anyone can become Anonymous.  There is an assumption that as soon as someone dons the Fawkes mask that they are one of us and they will act as one of us. The hardcore Anons are a very small portion of the populatio,  and the vast majority are still relatively new to the idea and need the guidance and encouragement of the collective.

The migration has been made from the internet to the street.  We now occupy the physical world as well as the cyber world and great things are happening in both arenas.  Whether you have computer skills, or not, there is a broad spectrum of opportunities to be a part of the solution and not the problem. If you are going to be Anonymous then you should be portraying a positive image for Anonymous.  There are many people who want to wake up and might only see us as an information outlet.  We are not serving effectively if we are creating an image of non-approach.  If you are new and motivated to be a positive contributor do not make drastic changes on your profile immediately.  Share information that you feel people need to hear.  Be about the idea.  Send a subtle message.  Everyone has an obligation to do what they can to give something to the cause.  A genuine self respecting Anon will commit his/her time to selfless goals and agendas and not your own. The true opportunities for greatness in the future of this organization are in the physical world. Hacktivism has its place, but was the methodology of an extreme minority lacking in manpower. The tables have turned. If you believe that the only powerful Anons are the hackers you’re not seeing the big picture. Now is the time to focus on the future not the past. The next chapter in this story will not be set in the cyber world it will be in the physical one. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Get into the streets if you’re not already. There is no excuse and there is nothing to fear. Get that mask and get to work.

Anonymous cat mural Image Source: Stephen C. Webster, Flickr, Creative Commons

Anonymous cat mural
Image Source: Stephen C. Webster, Flickr, Creative Commons

Goals or Agenda

Perhaps now would be a good time to step back and take a breath and think about what we have accomplished over the last year as well as years past.  Look at what we do daily.  Is what you are doing really making the most difference or could our energies be more beneficial being directed elsewhere?  Wanting to change the things that anger you is a good thing, but finding an outlet where you can use that energy productively and without creating drama and division should be your utmost concern.

– Anonymous