UK carried away by newborn royal “useless eater”

London, United Kingdom (nsnbc) : May 2, 2015 the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge provided the first photo-op for the latest-born member to the royal family. Otherwise intelligent people like PhD student Laura Clancy would describe the photo as “the defining moment”  for 2015. The British tabloids are “full of it” and for good reason.

Arguably, and considering the rising tax-burden that the royal household represents in times of “austerity” it takes a massive propaganda effort to make “the commoners”celebrate the fact that they’ll have to pay for yet one more royal “useless eater”. Laura Clancy, PhD Student at Lancaster University would describe the photo-op, stating:

“After a day of waiting, the world’s press got their first look, and first photographs, of the newest member of the royal family at around 6pm May 2. The picture of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge standing outside the hospital doors, new baby in Kate’s arms, will be one of the defining images of the year”.

Another, otherwise intelligent person, Lynsey Wood, PhD Student and Associate Lecturer at Lancaster Universitywould note that the new-born girl is lucky that she wasn’t born in 1516, and focuses on “progress made”, considering that the main task of princesses was to secure marriages with other royal families.

David Cameron was less elaborate and “tweeted”: “Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their baby girl. I’m absolutely delighted for them”. British tabloids and“esteemed newspapers” alike are “full of it”.

That is, full of PR for the royal household, whose members are known to be hobnobbing with the likes of George Soros, members of the Rothschild Family, the Rockefeller family, or the likes of a Henry Kissinger who describes the majority of the world’s population as  “useless eaters”.

In 2014 the tax-payer (useless eater) funded “sovereign grant” of the royal household rose by approximately six percent. That is twice the rate of inflation. The Queen’s official expenditure from the grant increased to £35.7m – a rise of £1.9m on the previous year.

Image Source: Christopher Neve (2013)

Image Source: Christopher Neve (2013)

Meanwhile, the “useless eaters” of Britain had to “tighten their belts”. In 2013 leading public health experts and charities warned that austerity measures and poverty in the UK areabout to cause a public health emergency with widespread starvation and malnutrition.

Food banks experienced an unprecedented rise in users who are members of the middle class. A middle class that increasingly became depended on their handouts. Studies showed that the majority of middle class families have to survive on a paycheck to paycheck basis, rendering them vulnerable to plummeting into poverty, homelessness, etc.

PM David Cameron, who expressed his “delight to the Duke and Duchess” delighted Britain’s useless eaters with the “benefit cap” that doesn’t work and further aggravates a cohort of problems with the UK’s economy; rendering the most vulnerable of the “useless eaters” even more vulnerable.

Cameron, being a father himself has, arguably, proven that even imbeciles can “reproduce”. So why is it that he’s so“delighted” about the successful “royal effort”? Here’s what Cameron didn’t tweet.

About 45 percent of the rise in royal expenditures was explained by the increased “burden” on the royal family due to the rising cost of maintaining its royal residences, including Buckingham Palace and the Kensington Palace apartments for  the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. That is, the happy couple who just produced another “useless eater” who is to be funded by Britain’s “useless eaters”.


Author: Christof Lehmann

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