The Front Line is Everywhere

Washington, DC (TFC) – The Fifth Column has quickly become the young upstart in the independent media. We want to provide our readers with the most possible viewpoints through as much uncensored and unfiltered reporting as possible. In pursuit of this, we set out to do something that no independent media outlet has done before: become a truly international organization that is not bound by government censorship or ideological affiliation.

The Fifth Column is wrapping up its first phase of international expansion. Over the last month, we’ve been able to expand our coverage to include most of the world. That doesn’t mean that one of our journalists in Atlanta will be tasked with covering the Middle East through American eyes. It means that we found journalists on the ground in the region. It doesn’t mean that we hired someone of Chinese heritage to increase the authenticity of our reporting on Pacific Asia. It means we found a source within China. From Islamabad to Kiev and Caracas to Myanmar, we can present reports from ground zero.

We’re adding new outlets and journalists to our network so quickly that the map made this morning to be included in this article is already obsolete. We’ve added Iran, Norway, India, and Pakistan since then. These journalists don’t have an agenda. They don’t share a common ideology, other than an unapologetic view of the Freedom of Speech.

Countries in black are locations where The Fifth Column has established coverage.

Countries in black are locations where The Fifth Column has established coverage.

Decentralization is key to The Fifth Column’s ethos. Our journalists are totally independent of one another. In many cases, they don’t even know each other. This structure prohibits an institutional agenda from developing. An article submitted will never be edited to change its tone or viewpoint.

This structure requires a lot from our readers. It requires that they stay open to viewpoints from outside of their home country and ideology. We present articles written by pacifists on the same day as an article explaining how to properly choose a firearm. We present the views of pro-democracy activists in China alongside the views of Marxists in the United States. Our goal as an outlet is the free exchange of ideas and information.

The international content also requires that readers accept minor grammatical errors from journalists who may speak English as a second or even third language. These small errors in language are the fee for obtaining independent information from areas of the world that are typically beyond the scope of the independent media. We feel that it is certainly worth overlooking confusion over “there” and “their” to obtain information from within the walls surrounding Gaza.  We’re looking at ways to properly edit these works without accidentally changing the content’s message.

The Fifth Column’s readers have been wonderfully supportive as we’ve grown. We’re proud to have developed the readership we have. We’re asking that you continue to support us by telling your friends about us, sharing our articles, and arguing on our Facebook page.

The “front line” in the information war does not exist on a map. It exists here in the ether of cyberspace. The front line is on your laptop, your tablet, and your phone. It is everywhere. You’ve been drafted into The Fifth Column. Welcome to the infiltration.

If you want to take a more active role, this is a Facebook group The Fifth Column started today to help coordinate and communicate with our readers. It’s the perfect place to drop tips, find articles that you may have missed, and talk to your favorite journalists (or harass the journalists you don’t like).