The Fifth Column Turns 90

The Infiltration, Everywhere (TFC) – The Fifth Column is accountable only to you. It’s time for an internal situation report. When The Fifth Column launched, it was not much more than a handful of independent journalists and one half-baked idea to change the media. That idea resonated and less than 90 days later, we have Fifth Columnists or affiliated independent outlets providing on the ground coverage from five continents.

"Hippy Darth Bay (2117050959)" by irrational_cat

“Hippy Darth Bay (2117050959)” by irrational_cat

A news outlet that is willing to challenge any government, corporation, political party, or ideology is an outlet that readers want. You’ve proven that. The Fifth Column is proud to have readers that are willing to entertain opposing viewpoints and to debate issues based on merit rather than simply responding with preconditioned responses. Our readership is made up of people from all over the world that care enough to try to sort through layers of deceit that permeate our culture.

Our success is entirely due to your support and assistance. As we continue to grow we will provide regular updates and ask our readers to provide insight into what you want most. There is only so much insight we can gain from looking at raw traffic information. We’d like to take this opportunity to answer a few frequently asked questions:

Where does The Fifth Column obtain its funding? Our revenue comes entirely from the hopefully not-too-annoying advertisements on the page. The ads are chosen by a third party based on keywords in the article. The advertisers never have contact with us and exercise no influence over our content.

Where does the name come from? The term “Fifth Column” refers to several things. The most widely known meaning is a small group of people that exist within a larger group and that are attempting to undermine it. We are the media’s fifth column. With your continued help, we will successfully change the way the media operates.

What can I do to help? You’re doing it. Keep sharing the posts you think are important, inviting your friends to follow our social media accounts, and giving us great leads. If you see a great journalist, send them our way.

We’ve been constantly experimenting and expanding. We’re moving to a 24-hour posting schedule on our Facebook page. So be sure to click on the like button and make sure you’ve checked “Get notifications,” so you’ll be certain to get the news that matters from fifth columnists all over the world.

It’s amazing to think that this level of expansion and growth of The Fifth Column has taken place in just 90 days. It is certain that the infiltration has started.

We would love to hear your suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns in the comments section.