Return of stolen paintings speaks volumes

Eisenhower examines paintings looted by the Nazis.  Source: US Army

Eisenhower examines paintings looted by the Nazis.
Source: US Army

Berlin, Germany (TFC) – Precious art has always been worth more than money. It has been found that due to the spoils of war and pillage, Germany is now entitled to have multiple pieces of art returned to their country which were lost during WWII. The paintings were taken by American soldiers, then haggled over, and used as currency during poker games. The items in question were stored away in potassium mines, then mailed to the wives of the poker champions. The paintings in question were taken from the art gallery in the German city of Dessau, and include works by the Frans Frakeen III, Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich, and Franz de Paula Ferg. These paintings are part of the 100,000 pieces that have been reported missing during WWII.The return of the paintings was arranged by the author of “Monuments Men.


War mongering countries and their soldiers have always taken home what they see as trophies. They have also destroyed significant items that tell the story of our human existence. This dates back to the prehistoric times of hunters and gathers. Take what you want, and burn the rest. The connection of these ideas is seen in our daily lives. American cities are in riot. We fight amongst ourselves, and steal from our communities. We blame the next person based on race, gender, political preference, or the uniform that is worn. We are full of hate, yet we all want the same thing. Our country is a piece of precious art. We must not try to steal it from the next citizen. We must not take what is not ours, yet must demand our fair share. Not in the name of greed, but in the name of humanity.

The Fifth Column has previously reported on the destruction of cultural artifacts during the ongoing war in Syria and Iraq.

Special to The Fifth Column by JP Saroton