PLO’s Ashrawi denounced new Israeli Government

Tel Aviv, Israel (nsnbc) – Prominent PLO Executive Committee member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi denounced the new Israeli government led by PM Benjamin Netanyahu, saying that the coalition government that includes ultra-right wing parties betrays Israel’s political system as one that is opposed to peace.

Ashrawi added that the the language used by members off the government also betrays systemic racism, extremism and violence that would lead to an increased deligitimization and to the Isolation of Israel.

The new government coalition is constituted by the Likud party as well as by the religious Jewish Home Party. Ashrawi described both as the most racist and extremist elements within Israel’s society.

Israeli border police. Image source: טל קינג

Israeli border police.
Image source: טל קינג

The PLO Executive Committee member added that the appointment of Ayled Shaked, who openly advocated genocide on Palestinians as Justice Minister, the head of the Ministerial Committee for Legislation as well as to the head of the Judicial Appointments Committee would lead to a culture of lawlessness within Israel.

Ashrawi also criticized the appointment of Uri Ariel as Minister of Agriculture, stressing the Ariel has approved the construction of thousands of illegal settlement units in occupied Palestinian territories during his term as Minister of Housing and Construction.

Dr. Ashrawi’s remark about the deligitimization and isolation of Israel is compounded by the left wing EU parliamentarian’s group to end the EU’s cooperation with Israel over Tel Aviv’s continued violations of international law and unwillingness to implement the provisions of accords which have been reached between Israel, the PLO and the Palestinian Authority.

F/AK – nsnbc 11.05.2015

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