Memorial Day and a Charge of Treason

Washington, DC (TFC) –  Today is Memorial day. It’s appropriate to start with the obligatory definition of what Memorial Day is and isn’t. It is not Veteran’s Day. Today is a day to remember those that actually died in combat. Traditional logic dictates that these soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen died for our freedom.

How do we celebrate this day of remembrance? Americans typically do one of three things today: they go shopping, they go to a government-sponsored Memorial Day celebration, or they have a barbecue. If today is about honoring those that died to protect our freedoms, does it really make sense to go on a shopping spree and increase the profits of those companies whose bottom lines were the “American national interests” that prompted many of the recent wars and filled many of the recent graves in Arlington? Does it make sense to go to listen to some politician hypocritically speak about honoring those that died for freedom just days after he or she voted in assembly to take those freedoms away?

In less than 250 years, the United States has deteriorated from an infant nation filled with rugged individualists that were prepared to go to war with an unrepresentative government over a tax on a breakfast beverage to a nation where we stand idly by while thugs wearing the uniform of an unrepresentative government grab your daughter’s genitals at the airport. The men and women that were present at the birth of this nation dragged British customs officials through the street, stripped them naked, and poured hot tar all over their bodies because they tried to commit an unreasonable search. Today, the government has a record of you reading this article, and has the ability to kick in your door, terrorize your family, kill your dog, and search your house by obtaining a warrant that requires a rubber stamped signature from a judge; if the officers choose to get a warrant at all. If you truly want to act in the traditions of those that died to protect this nation’s freedoms and honor them, you should probably slap a government employee today.

Those politicians in office today love to liken themselves to the founding fathers. They attempt to draw a lineage back to those first American statesmen. The fact is that today’s politician has much more in common with the landed gentry of England during that time. They are part of the oligarchy that is slowly destroying the American experiment. Every vote that compromises what are supposed to be inalienable rights is another nail in the coffin of this country. It’s another step towards what seems to be an almost inevitable insurrection.

Those soldiers that deployed against US citizens in Ferguson, Baltimore, and elsewhere in the United States crossed the proverbial line in the sand in the eyes of many Americans. Of course, they were told they were dealing with rioters and that it was for the greater good. They weren’t told they were enacting martial law. How did you think the order to turn against your own people would come down? Did you think the government would honestly tell you that they want you to betray everything you say stand for? When the order comes down next time, it will be under the guise of defeating domestic terrorists or rioters or some other threat to national security or maybe it will simply be a “domestic support operation.” Your presence helped deny people their Constitutionally-protected right to free assembly. It doesn’t matter how the order comes down, if the end result is you standing on a street corner using the threat of military violence against American citizens, you are no longer a soldier. You’re a traitor.

It does not matter what reason you are given. If you point your weapon at an American citizen in order to suppress their rights, you are a traitor. If you lend support so that others may point their weapons at American citizens, you are a traitor. There is no way to rationalize or debate your way out of it. No amount of semantics will change the end result. It’s treason.

Some will ask if they should have just let the city burn. The answer to that is “yes, of course.” In the days since the Baltimore riots, President Obama issued an edict designed to pacify the American people. It was touted by the media as the end to the militarization of police. It didn’t ban MRAPs, it didn’t ban explosives, it didn’t ban surveillance drones, it didn’t ban automatic weapons, and it didn’t address the unrestrained police violence we are facing. It banned a bunch of equipment that the police don’t actually use. It didn’t address the problem. Just like in Ferguson, Baltimore showed that riots are about the only way left to get the attention of the government. Maybe if a major city that sits less than an hour from the Capitol had burned to the ground, the government’s reform would have actually had some teeth. Because these soldiers defended the police state, it will take more deaths and more riots before any meaningful change is enacted. So you can save the arguments about property damage. We are on the brink of a full scale insurrection in this country; a wig shop in Ferguson or a bakery in Baltimore are the least of the nation’s concerns.

Every time one of these riots happens there are solidarity protests in every major US city. That many people in the street agitated with law enforcement is a powder keg. Let’s say the next riot is in Cleveland. While that riot is happening the solidarity protest in LA comes under attack by local police, and a riot ensues in LA. Officers dealing with solidarity protests across the country become nervous. They try to violate the rights of those peacefully protesting and disperse the crowd in their city. The protesters react violently. The National Guard is called out nationwide. The groups waiting for an inciting incident see full-scale martial law and begin shooting at the troops. Welcome to insurrection. We are that close to turning the United States into Bosnia. It’s not an outlandish set of circumstances that can lead to this. It could literally happen tomorrow.

"Arlington25" by TheAgency (CJStumpf) 18:04, 10 February 2007

“Arlington25” by TheAgency (CJStumpf) 18:04, 10 February 2007

Don’t go slap a government employee today. Instead, hold your barbecue. Eat your hot dogs. Drink your beer. However, instead of filling the air with mindless chit chat or talk of sports, discuss the fact that unless things drastically change, a child born today will see an insurgency in this country before they graduate college. Today, while you are among your closest friends and family is the time to start quietly discussing a question that nobody in the United States wants to answer. What are you going to do when it happens? Where do you stand? Where does your neighbor stand?

As terrifying as the possibility of seeing an insurgency is, it may be more terrifying if we don’t see it. This nation could continue its slide toward becoming just another two-bit dictatorship.