How the US media subtly manipulates your opinions

Washington, DC (TFC) – If you’re reading The Fifth Column, you already know the US media is worthless, but how can you explain it to those that don’t know? We’ve pulled together some simple illustrations that are easily verifiable so you can demonstrate to mainstream media followers exactly how subtly they are being manipulated.

North Korea conducts nuclear missile test

Every once in a while the North Koreans launch a missile out into the ocean to test its capabilities and make a statement about how they’re needed to defend against US aggression. It’s always framed as an extremely provocative act. It certainly is when compared to the fact that the US hasn’t engaged in such tests since the 1950s right? Except, the US engages in the exact same type of temper tantrum nuclear missile tests. When was the last time the US tested a delivery system in a provocative manner? This week. The discussions about the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty didn’t go as planned, so the US pouted and then tested a Minuteman II InterContinental Ballistic Missile. The NPT conference chided the United States on violating international treaties on WMDs. You remember, the justification the US used to justify the invasion of Iraq? Didn’t hear about that? That wasn’t international or national news?

Articles about North Korean missile tests are non-stories. They are planted in the news cycle to keep US angst built against a regime the government wants to overthrow. Every nation conducts a show of force exercise when it gets it feelings hurt. The US media traditionally only reports on the tests and exercises conducted by nations it wants to invade or demonize.

Ex-KGB operative Vladimir Putin

Putin is Ex-KGB. That’s a fact, but this little piece of history is included in almost every article about him. Can anybody guess which President is Ex-CIA? George Bush, of course. He took over in 1976 after the Church Committee rocked the CIA. He was sent there to restore morale to an agency that had been told it was out of line.  He certainly wasn’t a reformer. While he was Vice President, those CIA contacts proved useful when the Administration organized the Iran-Contra Affair. When was the last time you heard George Bush referred to as “Ex-CIA” or an “Ex-spy” in a news article?

The reason is clear. The media wants you to distrust Russia’s Head of State. Nobody will double cross you faster than a spy. Of course, only one of these two spy masters was accused of being a party to leaving his own people in the hands of terrorists in order to win an election.

The beheadings in Iraq justify waterboarding

The US media will often release stories out of chronological order to better frame the situation in US interests. When the first US citizen was beheaded in Iraq, it was used as fodder to support the US torture program. “They’re cutting people’s heads off. We’re just baptizing them.” The US media didn’t include a complete translation of the video in which the attackers openly state that the beheading and all of those to follow are in response to the US torture program, specifically at Abu Ghraib.

The Fifth Column published an article with all of the evidence needed to demonstrate this earlier this year.

The tactics of planting stories, seeding distrust, and releasing information out of context are the most effective methods of subtly manipulating the American people. The constant application of these techniques keeps the American people almost completely in the dark about international events. When the US media refers to foreign outlets as propaganda outlets or state-run media, remember it’s a case of pot meeting kettle.

"Photomedia&diversity2" by SteenvanJ -

“Photomedia&diversity2” by SteenvanJ –