Fraternal Order of Police publicly says ‘Sorry……Not All Lives Matter’

Denver, Colorado (TFC) – In a self-righteous rant, a man named William James Manifold went to great pains to tell you that, no, not all lives matter. This rambling piece of garbage was then hosted on the Colorado Fraternal Order of Police website. The cops at the FOP referred to it as “insightful” in their introduction.

You can read the whole thing here, if you have some time to kill. The Fifth Column has chosen to pull some of the true gems from the statement, so we can provide our own commentary. The message starts off the way all poorly-written propaganda does: with an appeal to honor the fallen. The author talks about a cop who was slain by a person whose “most outstanding contribution to the Omaha Metro area was that he also died yesterday.”

After that, he goes on to attempt to undermine the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag, but he won’t use that term because he doesn’t want to appear racist. Fair enough. Let’s skip over the rhetoric and just cut to the meat and potatoes. He said:

“The original hashtag of “lives matter” came from a group of misguided individuals in Ferguson, MO who believed that law enforcement officers get up every day with the goal of shooting, or harassing, or arresting someone of a particular race. I can tell you that is absolutely false. Every officer I know or knew, worked with, served with all became an officer for one reason…to make a difference, because God knows it wasn’t for the money.”

Well that’s funny, because the Department of Justice (DOJ) determined that those misguided individuals were correct. DOJ found that 93% of those arrested in that community were black. But that’s just because blacks commit more crimes, right? DOJ already answered that rebuttal in the report:

“Our investigation indicates that this disproportionate burden on African Americans cannot be explained by any difference in the rate at which people of different races violate the law. Rather our investigation has revealed that these disparities occur, at least in part, because of unlawful bias against and stereotypes about African-Americans.”

To go on, the abortions of black women were referred to as “crime control.” Dogs were often used to attack unarmed suspects… every single one of them was black.

It doesn’t matter if you tell us that it is “absolutely false.” The very fact that even after this long, you defend the cops that were the subject of this report is a large part of the reason why nobody cares about your dead friend. To the majority of Americans, you are now the enemy. At the very least your defense reinforces the idea that cops are nothing more than a street gang that defend each other no matter what their actions. If you do not condemn bad cops while wearing a badge, you are one. So you can take your assurances and shove them. The American people have had enough of it. Black, white, yellow, brown, and red. We’re on one team, and it’s against the use of the state’s unrestricted violence. You are the tool of the violence. Don’t want to be hated? Work to make meaningful change or quit.

He continues:

“Believe me when I say that almost all officers go out of their way to help those in the communities they serve, and when we find one that doesn’t fit this mold, we take care of that problem. They are educated, relieved of duty or arrested. There are so many examples just this year of law enforcement policing their own ranks. The hashtag #BlueLivesMatter was in response to the misguided notion that only people of certain race are being targeted, when in fact today law enforcement officers in every city are being actively targeted.”

No, I don’t think I will believe you. Your last statement showed you to be a liar. The fact that you believe law enforcement polices its own scares me to death. I’m going to hope that this is just another lie. Just some quick examples of the “justice” the boys in blue face:

The cop who raped a 17-year-old girl while her boyfriend was forced to wait for the cop to finish: one year.
The cop who was accused of raping a drunk woman on her couch: one year.
His partner who was “snoozing on the couch”: 60 days.
The cop who handcuffed a teenage girl then raped her: 30 months.

Those are just a couple of the cases that I can remember offhand. In case you don’t think it happens often, in February The Fifth Column sampled reports about cops committing child molestation over a seven day period. There were nine incidents. We could go into the dozens of cases of cops killing unarmed people because the cops were cowards… I mean in fear for their lives, but I’m sure you get the point.

Monument in DC listing fallen officers. Source: US Navy.

Monument in DC listing fallen officers.
Source: US Navy.

Black people are being targeted unfairly, we’ve already covered that. Are cops being targeted now? Of course. To hear a cop whine about it is a lot like hearing the guy that beats his wife every night complain that she finally cracked him with a baseball bat. Understand this: the cops that are targeted and killed are your fault. Yes, you. When you defend the indefensible and help block the prosecution of criminals that have badges, you erode people’s faith in the justice system. Then, people take matters into their own hands. Yes, cops are being targeted. Yes, it will likely continue. Yes, it won’t necessarily be the bad cop that gets shot while sitting at a traffic light. Yes, it is your fault for penning this kind of apologist propaganda and defending the bad cops. The American people are tired of seeing their daughters raped and their sons killed by thugs in uniform. I repeatedly warned departments in every way I could that this was going to happen. You all believed that you were untouchable. You aren’t. The American people can get to you. They’ve shown that now. I don’t condone it, but it’s going to continue to happen. My advice to you is to enact meaningful reform or buy more flags to cover coffins.

“Only YOU can make a difference and WE as a community everywhere must take a stand against those who would like to see our law enforcement officers neutered and defenseless. Our officers need to know that they are supported by their community and their leadership. Far too many today are more worried about being sued when they have to make a split second life or death decision that will experience days, weeks, months or years of armchair quarterbacking by the ill-informed.”

Wrong. Take some responsibility for your actions. There is a reason you are being targeted. The idea that American cops are neutered and defenseless is idiotic. American cops are the most heavily armed on the planet. Cops have the same equipment used in war zones. Because of the misuse of this equipment, you are now being targeted. That’s when you find out that the equipment and uniform does not make you a warrior. You don’t feel supported because… well, you aren’t.

If cops were as worried as you claim, they wouldn’t be gunning down unarmed kids while they shopped or blowing up babies with grenades. When cops get militarized equipment, don’t read the manual, and end up literally blowing a hole in a child with a concussion grenade, some armchair quarterbacking is necessary. It’s not like you will hold your own to account for their actions.

He then laments the 45 officers killed so far this year. Meanwhile cops are killing citizens at a rate of 3 per day. Being a cop is not a dangerous job. It’s not even in the top ten. Get over yourself. You wanted the big boy toys. You wanted to be Robocop instead of Andy Griffith. Guess what, when you adopt a military stance, you had better be prepared for casualties. If there is not significant and meaningful change, you are going to see those numbers skyrocket.

“Instead of you getting on some high horse thinking that you are being so damned enlightened with your “All Lives Matter” bullshit, you should be getting on your knees thanking each and every one of those people who gave their live so you can sleep at night, so you can walk the street, so you can enjoy the safety that they provide. Will any of them ever ask for your thanks, no. Do they deserve it, you bet they do.”

I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. Be honest, how many violent crimes have you stopped in comparison to the number of times you engaged in some revenue generating form of policing? Rape kits remain untested, but probation drug tests get tested on time. The majority of departments spend their resources on the drug war or enforcing victimless crime statutes, not on violent crime prevention. You are not a hero. You’re a state-sponsored thug. Stop asking people to waive their rights with their flags. We’re done with it.

He closes with a Latin motto: Omni Cedo Domus. It means “everybody goes home.” It was originally a slogan for firefighters. You know, the public servants who do actually risk their lives to protect you? A firefighter sees a burning building and says “Better risk my life to see if someone is inside.” A cop sees a kid, and says “I’d better kill him just to make sure I’m not in danger.” Cops have taken to using the slogan as part of the new militarized mindset. The implication is simple: do whatever you have to, shoot first, lie on the report, because we are the only thing that matters… Most importantly don’t worry. Lives don’t matter.

Thanks for closing with such a perfect phrase to sum up everything that is wrong with policing today.