Five more years under the Bullingdon Club

London, England (TFC) – Bullingdon Club boys. Millions of British, sick and tired of white privileged men blaming the poor and immigrants for the excesses of a few, hit the polling booths. Faced with a choice between the lesser of two evils in Britain’s antiquated two party voting system, Cameron’s government slid through and left those on the Left reeling. On Thursday evening, commentators, the public and politicians hoped the Exit Polls were wrong, and were stunned as a Conservative majority was forecast.

As the count took place across the country, the polls proved to be spot on. Joyous Scots, united by last year’s referendum, stuck two fingers up at Labour, and celebrated a historic landslide, which saw them grab 56 out of 59 seats. The casualties did not stop there. Labour leader Ed Miliband has resigned, as well as leader of Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg, who’s paying the price for failed promises and getting into bed with the Tories five years ago.

Britain, the fourth richest nation in the world, is groaning under the most severe austerity since the Second World War. Over a million Brits are using food banks and increasing numbers are committing suicide as cuts attack the poorest residents and the organisations serving them. Cameron’s election run up revealed the Tories plan a further £12bn in cuts to public services.  Conservatives have also pledged to scrap the 1998 Human Rights Act and will pursue policies of tax breaks for the rich (someone must have voted them in, right?).

The privatisation of education systems will continue with more state-owned schools turned into private academies. Secret negotiations over TTIP whisper in the background. Buckling under Austerity, anti-immigrant scare-mongering, poverty and homelessness, angry Brits prepare to say farewell to their treasured National Health Service as it is auctioned off piece by piece to private firms. As Cameron kicks back on Number 10’s Chesterfield sofa for another five years, devastated Britain is once again facing the extraordinary unfairness of an outdated voting system. The lack of fair representation, credible alternative players or minority voices means that the vulnerable have at least another five years of being trodden upon or stepped over by the elite that pull the Tory party strings.