Canadian government attempts to end free speech and silence this list

Ottawa, Canada (TFC) – The Canadian government, under Prime Minister Harper, is signaling that it intends to use Hate Crime laws against those that would boycott Israel, meanwhile the blockade of Gaza remains intact and this empty suit says nothing.  What this boils down to is the fact that the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) coalition has been too effective in placing pressure on Israel for their actions in the occupied territories.

"The Right Honourable Stephen Harper" by James Miller -

“The Right Honourable Stephen Harper” by James Miller –

For a government to bar its citizens from peacefully asking other citizens to not shop at a location is nothing short of tyrannical. It is an affront to free speech. It is an attack on the natural rights of every Canadian. No free nation can exist without the right to express an opinion, even if it is a negative opinion about a lobby that provides you with money. Did you ever disclose where that $2 million for your election came from? Didn’t B’Nai Brith Canada buy your support by nominating you for a grossly undeserved Nobel Prize? When there were the scandals about expenses, didn’t the Negev dinner bail you out by making you the headliner? Weren’t you bought off by the Jewish National Fund at some dinner where you were awarded a prize for being a good little do boy? Didn’t you pander to that lobby even further when you became the only Canadian Prime Minister to ever address the Israeli Parliament? Why don’t you worry about your own citizens’ rights instead of trying to craft a legacy as a politician that accomplished something? This action will make you the most hated politician in the “free world.” I’m not even sure if we can count Canada as part of the community after this little stunt.

You wanted to craft a legacy on the back of Israel. Well, you’re going to be able to do that. You will succeed in bringing media outlets around the world together to accomplish two things: to publicize the list of companies that should be boycotted that you want suppressed so badly and to mock the arrogant wannabe dictator that believes he has the authority to tell people where they can shop.

Your political handlers didn’t think this one through. Banning free speech only fans the flames of its message as it spreads. It’s a unwritten rule of publishing that if a book is banned, it becomes a best-seller. You’ve succeeded in making a list that is relatively unknown, outside of the activist community, into dinner conversation for every Canadian and every American.

Now that the subject has been brought up, why not explain to people why the companies are being boycotted? Explain the indefinite detention of minors. Explain the teenage girls being wrongly beat, detained, and suffering through mock executions at the hands of a government funded by the companies you are ordering your subjects to support. We can’t call them citizens anymore; they don’t have the rights of citizens. That’s surely a conversation you don’t want to have. Instead, like every other petty thug that came before you, you stomp your feet and scream that the people will do as they’re told. You don’t want to have the conversation, so you will use the threat of violence from the state to stop dissent. Well, welcome to the internet age. Your law has no effect on our servers or the servers of dozens of other outlets. Extradite us. Turn this into an international incident.

The Fifth Column takes no official editorial stance on the conflict in the occupied territories. However, we have a very simple stance on free speech: an assault on anyone’s free speech will be viewed as an assault on our own. Since we can only assume that Harper’s move was at the request of the companies being boycotted, The Fifth Column is offering our servers to host the boycott list for the Canadian BDS. This action has nothing to do with the occupation. It has to do with those companies’ complicity in an attempt to stifle the free speech of an entire nation.

The staff of The Fifth Column will spend the day contacting every media outlet in our phone books to make this the story of the day. We will do our best make the list of companies to be boycotted viral on every social media outlet in existence. Instead of silencing free speech, you’re going to learn what it is.

The companies currently on the BDS list are listed below:





Lees Carpets

Keter Plastics

Caesaria Carpets*

Mapal Plastics*

Carmel Carpets*

Palphot Stationery

Shaked Carpets


AMAV toys

Tiny Love

Taf Toys

Tip Top Toys Star






Dead Sea




Sea Spa

Moroccan Oil



Teva Pharmaceuticals

Lithotech Medical*

Food Products

Eden Water


Sabra Dipping Co


Abadi Bakery*

Adanim Tea Co*

Ahdut Sweets*

Almog Tradex*

Psagot Winery*

Shamir Salads*

Teperberg 1870

Tishbi Estate Winery


Strauss Group

Max Brenner

Carmel Winery

Barkan Winery

Binyamina Winery

Golan Heights Winery

Tempo Beer Industries

Aroma Nama*

Pastures of Eden Feta

 B&W Foods  Tribe Hummus

Fresh Produce

Mehadrin (Jaffa)





Ada Fresh*


Eitan & Inon Herbs*


Jordan River

King Solomon

Morten Export*

Tamar Hazahad*

Tekoa Mushroom


Stanley Black & Decker








Delta Galil Industries

Home Skinovations

 Sabon Israeli diamonds



Tescom Software Testing Systems

AFCON Control & Automation

Contel ITS

Maran Engineering


Bar Ilan University

Perion Network



Discount Bank*


Hamashbir Holdings

Hapoalim Bank

Gemini Israel Ventures

Landmark Ventures

Leumi Bank

Mizrahi Tefahot Bank*

B Gaon Holdings

Construction & Production

Readymix Industries*

Barad Co

DNM Technical*

Yamit ELI Filtration



 Nesher* Automotive Equipment Group



El Far Electronic

Motorola Solutions

Shamrad Electronics


 Star Night Tech


Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

Contact Int’l


Israel Aerospace Industries

Israel Military Industries

Israel Weapon Industries