Baltimore Cops: can’t do job without the ability to arrest and kill the innocent

Baltimore, Maryland (TFC) – A Baltimore police officer went on Fox News to cry about the lack of support that the community has shown his department after the Freddie Gray murder. He said that the current lack of policing and the rise in homicides is occurring as a “direct” result of the indictment.

The person claiming to be an officer said:

“When you go out into the street, you trust that your command staff and those you work with will support you. The tip of the spear needs the most assurance that your department, your citizens, your mayor and city council have your back.”

Let’s get one thing straight right now. You don’t get assurances and support when you falsely arrest a person for possessing a knife that was legal and then break their spine; you get a jump suit and handcuffs. Your buddies in blue severed the spine of a prisoner in custody. TFC has repeatedly asked officers to come up with any legitimate use of force scenario that results in a prisoner having his spine severed while in custody. We have yet to receive an answer. We haven’t even received a bad answer.

Officer Friendly, you are not conducting an invasion. You are not “the tip of the spear.” Maybe the military culture and terminology that is so pervasive in your department is part of the problem. You are not piercing through the security services of some foreign oligarchy. You are the security services of an oligarchy. If you need the ability to arrest and murder innocent people to feel safe doing your job, it’s time for you to quit. You’ve lost the ability to do your job effectively. You probably never should have had a badge in the first place, if you feel that a man having his spine severed after being unjustly arrested is just collateral damage. The United States is not a battlefield, yet.

Violent crime is on the rise nationwide, it isn’t just Baltimore. It’s Jackson, all of Florida, Texas, California, New York, and just about everywhere else. Your attempt to take credit for this by attributing it to your work stoppage shows that you don’t understand your profession very well. It also shows that you would use fear to intimidate the citizens of your community into allowing your department to get away with murder. That makes you no better than a thug collecting protection money.

Then, we need to take into account the fact that even when your department isn’t in sulking the corner like a child who had their favorite toy taken away for misbehaving, it solves less than half of the murders in the community anyway. Then, your little temper tantrum doesn’t take into account the wild fluctuations in your city’s crime rate. There’s been a slight uptick from 2014 (211 homicides), but the year before saw 235 homicides. So the jump isn’t really that significant, statistically speaking. Many outlets are saying that this “has been the deadliest month this century” in Baltimore. That’s true, but how far back into the 1900s do you have to go to find a more deadly month? One year. 1999.

Just like in New York City, your rise in homicide isn’t because of cops slowing down or rampant lawlessness. There’s a gang war going on. Being the super cop that you are, surely you noticed that the murders are confined within the same subsets of people and are occurring in a retaliatory fashion, right? Even your own Police Commissioner admits this. Maybe you were too busy crying about not being able to nightstick the colored folk to death anymore to read the memo your police commissioner sent out. The more likely answer is that you know exactly what is causing the violence, but want to misrepresent it to scare the citizens of Baltimore.

News2Share founders filming police brutality in Baltimore.  Photo courtesy Trey Yingst

News2Share founders filming police brutality in Baltimore. Photo courtesy Trey Yingst

This is police state propaganda put out by the police state propaganda network. Nothing more. The best part about this whole thing is that this clown went on the one news network that would have allowed him to remain anonymous. There was no reason for that. His life isn’t threatened. He isn’t blowing the whistle. The reason he wanted his identity hidden is because he’s lying. Thanks for playing into that, Fox. We can always count on you to have integrity.

Speaking of anonymous sources, there is one interesting piece of anonymous data in relation to this. A police accountability activist made the anonymous statement that:

“The gang war that is causing all of the murders was triggered because the cops stopped protecting one gang’s drug shipments and started protecting another. Word on the street is that dirty cops are responsible for at least two of the murders.”

That’s the problem with running anonymous statements when there is no reason to remain anonymous. You don’t know whether or not to believe them.