An important thing to remember during the Cop Block scandal

Washington, DC (TFC) – Those involved with the police accountability movement are painfully aware of the recent scandal involving some of those associated at the national level with Cop Block. This article isn’t designed to rehash the scandal; it’s designed to help protect the infrastructure of a police accountability movement that has come into its own. It doesn’t matter what opinion the reader holds of the scandal. If someone is involved enough in the movement to have an opinion of any kind on the scandal, it should be equally as important to help preserve the movement.

It is important to remember that Cop Block is a decentralized organization. The local Cop Block group that is out there on Main Street, USA may not have any clue who the people in the national organization are. They don’t take orders from them and they don’t report to them. Cutting ties with these local outfits because of the actions of some of those involved with the national organization doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. If anything, these local outfits need our support now more than ever. It’s also important to remember that Cop Block isn’t the only police accountability organization. There have been more than one or two people condemning Cop Watch for the scandal. That’s an entirely different organization; as are Filming Cops, Photography Is Not a Crime, Police the Police, Chris Dorner, and so on.

These other organizations are not competitors to Cop Block; they are allied groups fighting the same war. This scandal, as unfortunate as it is, could be used to strengthen the movement if people began large scale cooperation and coordination.

Every one of these organizations is essential to the police accountability movement. The reason public outcry has been able to be harnessed in brutality cases recently is because of the networks that have been established by these groups. In the interest of maintaining continuity, here are links to as many of the groups as I could find. I would encourage you to like as many of them as possible. Feel free to post other groups in the comments section of the article on The Fifth Column Facebook page. We will be developing a user-friendly contact sheet for police accountability pages.

Large groups not aligned with Cop Block: Filming Cops, Chris Dorner, Cop Spike Project, Kansas Exposed, United Against Police Terror, Florida Cop Watch, Photography Is Not A Crime


Large Local Cop Block Affiliates:

Image Source: Ademo Freeman, Cop Block

Image Source: Ademo Freeman, Cop Block

Los Angeles
Greater Cleveland
South Florida
Lima-Allen County
San Diego

There is probably a local chapter in your county or city; just conduct a quick internet search. There are hundreds of police accountability organizations out there. We need to do our best to preserve the movement while the recent scandal sorts itself out.