US Protecting Accused Terrorist from Turkish Authorities

Image Source: Burak Su - Gezi parkı

Image Source: Burak Su – Gezi parkı

Ankara, Turkey (nsnbc) – Turkey’s top-Judiciary launched a probe into the Gülen network’s moles within Turkey’s judiciary. The probe was launched after the organization led by self-proclaimed religious leader Fetullah Gülen who lives in exile in Pennsylvania, USA, was designated as a terrorist organization. Gülen and his network are notorious for their cooperation with the CIA and NATO’s Gladio network.

The probe was launched after Turkey’s Counter-Terrorism Department, last week, finalized a draft for the indictment of seven persons, arguing that it had found concrete evidence that sympathizers of the Gülen Movement we trying to establish a parallel State. The seven stand, among others, indicted for leaking information and documents to criminal organizations.

Part of the network’s strategy aims at placing its members and allies in key positions, including the judiciary. This activity is by no means limited to Turkey alone. German intelligence services have repeatedly warned that several German parties, including the Social Democrats, as well as German government institutions have been infiltrated by Gülenist “influence operators”, spies and agents.On Tuesday Justice Minister and Chairman of the Supreme Board of judges or HSYK Kenan Ipek issued a written statement according to which an inspector should investigate the claims, reports Aydinlik Daiyly. Allegations that the Gülen network was establishing a parallel State, cooperated with foreign intelligence services and is part of NATO’s so-called Gladio network have circulated among well-informed Turkish analysts and intelligence insiders for decades.

Ipek’s statement describes the Gülenist parallel State as an organization that targets those who dissent with it, implements the decisions taken by the organization’s senior executives, upon intelligence gathered via moles within the police department and the judiciary.

Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor Hadi Salihoglu announced on Tuesday that 24 suspects had been taken into custody in an Istanbul-based operation launched early on Monday across Turkey, in an ongoing “parallel state” probe, reports Aydinlik Daily.

Five other suspects are reportedly still at large. Arrest warrents have been issued for 29 suspects on charges of “forming a criminal organization, wiretapping, espionage, violation of privacy, storing personal data in violation of the law, as well as forgery of official documents”.

Among the detainees is reportedly the former Vice-Head of the Istanbul Security Department and Chief of the Istanbul Organized Crime Control Bureau. Arguably, the situation reminds of former FBI-Chief J.Edgar Hoover who was well-connected to the Mafia while he refused that something as “organized crime” existed in the United States.

The leader of the network, Fetullah Gülen is living in exile in Pensylvania, United States, not far from the CIA headquarters. The Gülen network is among others being accused of having masterminded the so-called Balyoz and Ergenekon scandals in an attempt to decapitate the republican part of Turkey’s military leadership. Both actions resulted in the arrest and years-long detention and trials against some 300 military officers, intellectuals and members of Turkey’s opposition.

Ironically, the crackdown against the Gülenist network came only after Turkey’s ruling AKP which was one of the main beneficiaries of the Balyoz and Egenekon arrests and trials fell out with the AKP. Turkey has demanded the extradition of Fetullah Gülen from the United States since 1999. An additional arrest warrant against Gülen was issued in relation to the latest probe.

Author: Fahwad al-Khadoumi

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