The Real Threat From Jade Helm 15

Washington, DC (TFC) – Despite The Fifth Column’s best efforts at explaining exactly what Jade Helm 15 is, the internet is still awash with theories claiming the operation is dangerous and that it is a prelude to martial law. Jade Helm is certainly dangerous, but not because of some impending doom.

The danger arises when people that might otherwise be engaged in resistance to real threats against people’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are too busy worrying about a military exercise conducted in the American Southwest.

Jade Helm 15 is a Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) exercise or a similar exercise training US Special Operations troops on methods of operating in a “non-permissive environment.” The troops will attempt to avoid detection as they move around the countryside. The Fifth Column explained in detail how these exercises work in a previous article based solely on the widely available map. The entire slideshow is now available, and its contents confirm that our analysts were correct.

On the seventh slide, the briefing document states the exercise objective is:

“To hone advanced skills, the military and Interagency require large areas of undeveloped land with low population densities with access to towns. The proposed areas offer the conditions conducive to quality training because of real obstacles to challenge Joint and IA personnel during planning and execution of their tasks. These challenges include:                 – Operating outside the normal support mechanisms                                                           – Adapting to unfamiliar terrain, social and economic conditions                                             – Operating in and around communities where anything out the ordinary will be spotted and reported (Locals are the first to notice something out of place)                                              – The opportunity to work with civilians to gain their trust and an understanding of the issues”

This falls directly in line with the objectives of learning how to operate clandestinely in the mountains of Afghanistan or the small villages of Iraq.

More importantly, this is not even remotely close to the first time these exercises have been conducted by Special Operations forces in the United States. Navy Seal Teams will be participating in Jade Helm. SEAL Team Six was founded by Richard Marcinko. In 1993, Marcinko wrote a tell-all book titled “Rogue Warrior.” When he founded the elite unit in 1980, one of the first training programs he instituted was an unorthodox training regime to teach his new SEALs how to survive behind enemy lines. Jade Helm is a direct descendant of those exercises. In short, Jade Helm type operations have been going on all over the country for more than 30 years.

The lineage of the units involved stretches back to the first American Special Operations unit that was a joint endeavor with the Canadians during WWII.

The lineage of the units involved stretches back to the first American Special Operations unit that was a joint endeavor with the Canadians during WWII.

The history of these exercises doesn’t start during the Cold War either. We could trace these exercises back decade by decade, but let’s save some word count and jump back to the beginning. In 1942, the First Special Service Force was created by the Canadian and American governments. They trained in Vermont on and off military installations. The 101st and the 82nd Airborne Divisions trained in civilian areas of the United Kingdom prior to the invasion of Normandy.

The lineage from the First Special Service Force to the units participating in Jade Helm is evident from the structure of the units all the way to the unit’s insignia.

The Fifth Column would like to refocus your attention away from the Southwest US and toward the US Capitol where a real conspiracy is taking place.

A secret document is circulating among legislators. You aren’t allowed to see it. Any legislator that has seen it is forbidden to discuss it. Legal experts are barred from reviewing it. It was written as a trade agreement, but it completely undermines US sovereignty. Legislators are not discussing the contents of the document with the media and are not raising a cry of alarm about the secrecy. Why? Because it was written by the corporations that paid them off by funding their election bids.

Instead of looking for conspiracy theories where they don’t exist, it’s time to start trying to defeat the conspiracies that actually threaten us.  Start looking into the Trans-Pacific Partnership today.

Image Source: DOD

Image Source: DOD