The New American Journalists

Image Source: G. Liddy

Image Source: G. Liddy

This article was originally written for a mainstream gossip magazine by a regular contributor to the magazine. Shortly after submission of this piece, he was terminated. The article was never run by the outlet. 

After Brian Williams and Bill O’Reilly came under fire for less than accurate portrayals of events, the American public has turned to a new crop of journalist. They’re nothing like the familiar comforting faces and voices on the cable news shows. They’re young, tattooed, angry, and the only time you’ll catch them in a suit is during a court appearance. Even the names of the news outlets show that their mission is more than just simply informing people. The Anti-Media, The Fifth Column, and The Free Thought Project are anti-establishment to the core. So who are the people behind these outlets?

Their social media posts show that they are more than just colleagues and openly discuss their love lives (or lack thereof) with each other and their readers. They’re a very dysfunctional family that competes on some levels and works together on other levels. The outlets encourage other websites to freely republish articles, instead of fighting over copyrights. It happens so often that it’s almost impossible to tell which outlet a specific journalist works for.

Our anonymous source is close to the “family” and she talked about some of the journalists with us.

Nick Bernabe: If these journalists are a family, Nick is the Godfather. He’s the founder of The Anti-Media, he hosts a radio show in California, and is known for giving new talent their start. He’s deeply involved with the “March Against Monsanto,” and doesn’t miss many opportunities to slam the agricultural giant that uses Genetically Modified Organisms.

Cassandra Fairbanks: She’s the older sister that would let you steal her cigarettes and not tell mom. She makes no attempt to hide her tattoos or her opinions when writing articles for The Free Thought Project. Despite her abrasive public image, our source tells us that she has a heart of gold and recently helped the victim of a cyber-bullying campaign.

Alex Freeman: He’s the brother that will help you with your homework. His work, while written in a sarcastic style that would make Mark Twain proud, delves deep into the money behind politics. He’s also an activist that has been spotted at protests from Alabama to Chicago where he covered the Homan Square scandal for The Fifth Column. It’s also rumored the Alex Freeman is a pen name and that he wore a mask at his last public speaking engagement.

Carey Wedler: She’s the sweet sister with the biting sense of sarcasm in the family. Carey is a YouTube sensation and journalist for both The Anti-Media and The Fifth Column. She has a knack for being able to attack politicians on both sides of the aisle and provide in-depth reporting on hypocrisy in Washington DC. She’s probably best known for lighting an Obama shirt on fire during a video and her recent chat with Hillary Clinton.

Justin King: One of the blackest sheep in the family, and the older brother that gave you a fake ID. In between taking selfies with rioters in Ferguson, being waterboarded in Columbus, getting into shoving matches with DHS agents in DC, and testifying for the defense in federal trials; he writes for The Fifth Column and The Anti-Media. He’s best known for on-the-ground reporting and getting inside groups that won’t talk to other people.

Cassius Methyl: One of the more private members of the family, but also one of the most productive. The journalist turns out hundreds of articles per year for The Anti-Media and is rumored to be involved in some way with the independent music scene. His articles show him to be very open minded with a penchant for exposing police corruption.

It’s a huge family and even the distant cousins are interesting. Our source told us that there were a lot of names that should have been included in any family tree, but that she didn’t know enough about to comment on them.

As Americans tire of news organizations they trust being exposed as frauds, they turn to people who break every stereotype for American media and who rely more on questioning a press release than they do on reciting it.