The Fifth Column’s Political Endorsements for 2016

Washington, DC (TFC) – The upcoming election cycle has Americans reviewing all of the familiar faces of the country’s political scene. Voters are busy deciding which of the well-known candidates they will cast their votes for. They’ve seen the benefits these great leaders have brought the country for years and the voters are eagerly anticipating their opportunity to participate in the electoral process.

No matter which candidates win, it will be the same leadership that brought the country to the point it is currently at now. Given that all of the candidates are career politicians, and will continue the asinine policies that have destroyed the middle class, increased poverty, created a police state, and sent the country’s sons and daughters to die for corporate profit; the Fifth Column has decided to endorse a set of ideas rather than any specific candidates.

The first step is to disregard any candidate who is running for reelection or any candidate that is a career politician. There have been no attempts by those currently in office to change the status quo. They have had their opportunity to bring about the change they promised during their campaigns. They either didn’t make the attempt or they were defeated by their political rivals. Either way, they were ineffectual and need to be replaced.

This is the primary premise: Reelect nobody.

Nobody has kept their campaign promises.
Nobody has stopped our servicemen from dying needlessly.
Nobody has ended corruption in DC.
Nobody has reeled in the police state.
Nobody has defended your rights.
Nobody deserves another term.

The next advice is to avoid voting for any members of the Republican or Democratic parties. The institutional corruption that exists inside the parties will immediately corrupt any freshman representatives.

The immediate objection is that voters will be throwing their votes away if they choose to vote for a third party. The alternative is to continue voting for the parties that have betrayed you in every sense of the term. You are being spied upon. Your rights are being infringed upon daily. Your economic well being is being sacrificed for the economic well being of wealthy campaign contributors. You can always attempt to try harder, but the outcome will be the same. Politicians owned by the wealthy will pander to you in speeches and then sell you out behind closed doors.

If the “other” party wins, you have lost nothing. It will be a repeat of the last sixteen years, just as it would be if the party you believe represents you had won. The parties are used to making voting easier for idiots. The mindless voter can cheer for their side like they were cheering at a high school football game and the winning team gets the right to corruptly profit while standing on the bruised backs of the American people. The only way to avoid the entire country being run into the ground by those elected by the least informed segments of our society is to create a situation that causes politicians to flee the parties.

This is your chance to make your vote count. Vote for anybody other than those that have proven themselves to be acting against your best interests. Create a situation that removes those we know to be corrupt and those we know to have no interest in protecting our interests. Vote for any third party and refrain from reelecting anybody.

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Image Source: "Window display promoting election voting, Dayton's, Minneapolis" by Minnesota Historical Society

Image Source: “Window display promoting election voting, Dayton’s, Minneapolis” by Minnesota Historical Society