The Death of Democracy

"Our dreams cannot fit in their ballot boxes" by David Drexler

“Our dreams cannot fit in their ballot boxes” by David Drexler

Washington, D.C. (TFC) – America’s pinnacle of prosperity and happiness occurred when it experienced a blossoming of freedom and liberty. We were free to buy, trade, or barter. Taxes were low. The free market could dictate which businesses would succeed or fail. Many people owned their own businesses and added to the gross national product. Ideas thrived in an unrestricted marketplace absent from government meddling. If you didn’t think someone was ethical, you didn’t do business with them. It didn’t matter if you were rich, poor, or what background you came from. In America, with a dream and action you could be prosperous. America was built on the backs of free spirited, hardworking, risk taking individuals. Our country was founded on the belief that we do not have to accept tyranny and oppression. The ability to dream and take action created the greatest country in the world.

Independent voters could return us to this era of the past. In its current state, the American political system is alarmingly bipolar. Those elected to Congress and the Presidency are primarily at the ends of the political spectrum and beholden to their party’s leaders and supporters, but not to the independent voters in the ideological center. The trouble facing our nation didn’t just happen over the years. We elected it. One President, Senator, and member of Congress at a time. There is no “they” out there ready to swoop in and set things right in the nation. All the infrastructure of totalitarianism is already in place in America (extrajudicial execution, indefinite detention, asset forfeiture, widespread surveillance, warrantless searches, etc.). These abuses may be exercised sparingly now, but the precedent has been set. The American political system is broken. It is in the throes of progressive deterioration, and nothing is likely to reverse the deterioration anytime soon. It is time for the American people to begin to worry about the future of their republic.

Consider the role of current redistricting practices on Congress’ failure to find a path through the issue thicket of our time. In the modern era of the House of Representatives, there are fewer and fewer contested districts every time a new redistricting plan emerges. Instead, districts are drawn to ensure that they will be dominated by one party or the other. A look at how this developed is instructive. In post-communist, pre-9/11 days, the era of the “end of history,” democracy in its liberal-capitalist formulation was assumed to be the natural fulfillment of human society. It was the essential nutrient-rich medium for the growth of all good things. Pizza Hut, parliamentary elections, knockoff designer clothes and dial-up internet flooded the masses. Even anti-capitalist protesters were compelled to embrace the rhetoric of democracy, if only to suggest (as Gandhi did about “Western civilization”) that it was a great idea, but we hadn’t gotten there yet. Every person is taught this word, from politicians to school children. The government indoctrination centers (also known as schools) and the corporate media use it religiously. Politicians love its sound. It is one of President Barack Obama’s favorite words. It was an important word to Hitler and Joseph Goebbel’s. The U.S. was founded as a Republic. When asked what type of government they had created, Benjamin Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

We could not. Our republic has been transformed into a democracy. Democracy is an esoteric belief system that manipulates the people in such a way that all power flows to the state. As with pure dictatorships, power flows from the top down. Democracy implies freedom in the public’s mind, while power and wealth is constantly channeled to the Federal government. Individual liberty is regressively crushed under the one simple word. Democracy. It is a political word that is embraced by all political parties and all politicians under many labels in every country of the modern world. It is a cover and a facade for communism, socialism, fascism, class warfare, the exploitation and manipulation of minorities against stability, cultural heritage and private property. (By the way, communism, socialism and fascism are all equal. Do not be fooled by claims that one is a right wing and another is a left wing philosophy. They all transfer power to the state. The difference is simply semantics.) When politicians utter the word democracy, they are using a code word that signifies their total allegiance to the state. They are using mass hypnosis to manipulate the people against individual liberty. Democracy is that universal mystery that is loved by all and opposed by none. It implies everything good to everyone and every religion. It is the mantle (mantra) of the New World Order. It is the apex of adoration for the state, universalism, One Worldism and materialism. It is Satanism posing as an angel of light. It is a disease masquerading as the cure. Anyone seeking liberty, privacy and private property under the mental deception of democracy is under the greatest illusion. Let us purge our minds of this seductive appeal, this spiritual despotism. It has stolen our conscience, our soul and our honor. It is our legacy to future generations to whom we are passing on our slavery.

Shame could have no greater victory. And to the victor go the spoils. Democracy is a faith, a state religion, a state of mind. It is the progressive destruction of the person — the individual. It is covered and masked with benevolence, philanthropy and brotherhood. Democracy is the opposite of the common belief. It is “democratic” tyranny, a camouflage for despotism. Its goal is nothing less than universal slavery. It is the culmination of that perfect slave state where men and women give their minds, spirits, production and children over to the state. We are reduced to automatons and commercial units. We are government statistics. The word democracy is a very important word in psychological warfare of government against the people. Democracy as a concept of freedom has evolved over many decades. It is designed to impress upon the people an imagination that they are free, and it has worked unbelievably well. If the people imagine that they are free, all sorts of crimes by the political system can be imposed, without protest, upon the people. It is an invisible armed guard.

Mental democracy is a psychological weapon of the state that motivates the people to obey the system and to love the state. As George Orwell wrote in his book, 1984, the people come to love Big Brother (the state). If we focus on this word democracy as an organism, we can tie the visible to the invisible and thus reveal the subterfuge. Democracy is an organism used to pacify the people. And what is an organism? An organism is a repetitive dogma that neutralizes the mind. Its purpose is to integrate the freedom concept of democracy into the American psyche. It is not formal. It has no overt organization. It may function legally or illegally within the law or above the law. It is never identified as to its true name and purpose. It has no ethnic, social or legal connotation. It is powerful psychological warfare. We all know, of course, that money influences the entire game in politics. Citizens United. The term is shorthand for a Supreme Court decision that gave corporations much of the same right to political speech as individuals have, thus removing virtually any restriction on corporate money in politics.

Citizens United unleashed a torrent of money from businesses and the multimillionaires who run them, and as a result we are now seeing the corporate takeover of American politics. Citizens United was the plaintiff in a Supreme Court case that began as a challenge to various statutory provisions of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (BCRA), known as the “McCain-Feingold” law. The case was heard in the United States Supreme Court on March 24, 2009. During oral argument, the government argued that under existing precedents, it had the power under the constitution to prohibit the publication of books and movies if they were made or sold by corporations. After that hearing, the Court requested re-argument specifically to address whether deciding the case required the Court to reconsider those earlier decisions in Austin v. Michigan Chamber of Commerce and McConnell v. FEC. The case was re-argued on September 9. On January 21, 2010, the Supreme Court overturned the provision of McCain-Feingold barring corporations and unions from paying for political ads made independently of candidate campaigns. A dissenting opinion by Justice Stevens was joined by Justice Ginsburg, Justice Breyer, and Justice Sotomayor. It concurred in the Court’s decision to sustain BCRA’s disclosure provisions, but dissented from the principal holding of the majority opinion. The path it has taken to reach its outcome will do damage to this institution. At the bottom, the Court’s opinion is thus a rejection of the common sense of the American people, who have recognized a need to prevent corporations from undermining self-government since the founding, and who have fought against the distinctive corrupting potential of corporate electioneering since the days of Theodore Roosevelt. It is a strange time to repudiate that common sense. While American democracy is now clearly an imperfect facade, few would have thought its flaws included an invitation to invite corporate money into politics. Most critiques of democracy as it currently exists, certainly those from the liberal left, assume that democracy can and should be fixed and that it’s just a matter of switching off the cat videos and doing the work. They remain inside the conceptual and ideological frame mentioned above, the idea that democracy is the only legitimate expression of politics. This has the force of religious doctrine, and in fact is far stronger than any religious doctrines to be found in the Western world. Our democracy may be stunted or corrupted or deformed by bad forces of money and power, these arguments go, but it self-evidently remains the ideal form of government, and it is our responsibility to redeem it.

R.I.P. Democracy.
You had a good run!