SITREP: A glance at the news for April 2, 2015

Welcome to the SITREP.

Welcome to the SITREP.

(TFC) – A SITREP is a situation report covering stories of global importance. These reports will provide you with crucial details of world events at a glance. Here’s your briefing for this morning.

US Senator indicted on corruption charges: Senator Robert Menendez was indicted for corruption after allegedly taking almost $1 million in bribes to promote the interests of a friend. In other words, he is being accused of the behavior that every senator engages in, even though he’s only the 12th senator to be indicted while in office. Menendez has said he is innocent.

Governors think twice about anti-minority legislation after backlash: The governors of Arkansas and Indiana are hurrying to revise controversial bills aimed at protecting discrimination against homosexuals and any other demographic that someone can claim having a religious objection to dealing with. Governor Pence is backtracking quickly, but his past statements are coming back to haunt him.

Houthi forces in Yemen pull back amid airstikes: Saudi Arabian-led airstrikes are proving to be more effective than initially anticipated and have driven Houthi rebels out of their positions and sent them into retreat.

Court documents prove expansion of ordinance used to target journalist: Court documents show that no charity is now allowed to publicly request money in the city of Xenia, Ohio after prosecutors charged a journalist with panhandling for collecting money for charity.