Should homeowners have shot NYPD home invaders?

New York City, New York (TFC) – A video of NYPD officers disregarding the rights of a family and assaulting them during a home invasion has gone viral. In the video the officers force their way into a home without a warrant after claiming that somebody told them a fugitive was inside the home.

The officers were not in an ongoing pursuit, a valid search warrant did not exist, the fugitive was not there, and the officers assaulted the homeowner’s daughter in the process. There was no legal reason for them to enter the home in that manner. The goon squad entered a home occupied by three women illegally. With the number of NYPD cops accused and convicted of rape in recent years, the women in the home obviously had valid concerns about letting a group of lying criminals into their home.

That may seem like strong language, but they are lying criminals. They lied about the emergency need to search a home without a warrant. Searching the home without a warrant while assaulting the homeowner’s daughter was a crime. They are lying criminals.

The question as to whether or not lethal force would have been justified against the officers has been raised. It’s a question that causes some people to recoil in horror. Others objectively review the situation and the historical precedents of police states. Those people know that there are many times in history when the world would have been better off if there were a whole lot more cop killers. Police accountability organization Cop Block produced an informative video about the subject.

No person in their right mind would openly advocate opening fire on cops, but those that are paying attention see this type of abuse as the catalyst that could bring about widespread violence and insurrection in the United States.

Officers need to take careful notice of the growing segment of the American population that celebrate when officers are killed. Contrary to what people would like to believe, these aren’t just ex-convicts that celebrate. A former Deputy Sheriff posted this on his Facebook profile:

“When dealing with the cops…turn on a recording device…if you have a gun…be ready to use it… do not trust them… shoot first…”

Another used posted:

“A message to police officers: People don’t trust you. Why? Look at the news and the stories all over the internet about police beating, robbing, raping, and murdering people. Then look at how many of these officers are actually indicted and charged with a crime. By and large, people are afraid of police because they know that they can be assaulted, robbed, raped, and even murdered by a cop and the cop will face little to no consequences for their actions. That to me is the definition of terrorism. So if there are any good police officers out there, I implore you to do something about the bad ones. Because, as you know, in this country we do not negotiate with terrorists.”

While no person in their right mind that is even remotely in the public eye would openly advocate killing cops, I can say that if I was sitting on the jury I would vote to acquit if the occupants of the apartment opened fire.

Image Credit: WetWork338

Image Credit: WetWork338