NBC demeans Walter Scott by bringing up minor crime

South Carolina

South Carolina

North Charleston, South Carolina (TFC) – In a move that should surprise no one who follows mainstream media; NBC decided to obtain court documents in an effort to demean the character of a victim murdered by a police officer. On Friday, the network that employs liars, and commentators with family connections to the Whitehouse, reported on a useless fact that had no bearing on the murder of Walter Scott.

Just like the mainstream media used Michael Brown’s theft of cigarillos as justification for his death, NBC reported that Scott had a bench warrant out for his arrest on his failure to pay child support. That’s right; NBC felt it was justified to bring up the minor offense of a man who was shot in the back by a police officer, who had a history of brutality.

Journalists are supposed to separate fact, fiction; what is useful, and what doesn’t matter when it comes to a story. Instead, NBC decided to paint Scott in a bad light, since according to them; owing money in child support is a capital offence.

Michael Slager shot a man multiple times in the back, after he pulled Scott over because of a broken tail light, and then Slager lied about what happened. That is the story, and no arrest warrant, or criminal record is going to serve as a justification for shooting a man in the back. It doesn’t matter if you are a cop, if you shoot a man in the back, who is running away from you, and he dies, you committed murder, and his past means nothing. We are talking about “journalists” who have a history of doing the dirty work for the powerful. While alternative media outlets were showing police using tear gas on peaceful protesters, CNN was showing buildings being destroyed to paint protesters in Ferguson as thugs and criminals.

What NBC did to Scott is nothing new; it happened to John Crawford III whose minor marijuana offenses were reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer because that outlet decided that a man who was killed by police mere seconds after their arrival, needed to have the public know that he smoked some cannabis.

Major news outlets have tried to paint murder victims as troubled souls who deserve whatever happened to them. James Boyd’s criminal record was reported after he was gunned down by police for illegally camping in a park. At the time leading up to their murders those three men were not threats; they weren’t acting violently, and no cop’s life was in danger, but the pro cop mainstream media narrative is invested into a warped version of victim blaming.

Just like a woman’s provocative dress or sexual history has no relation to her rape, past run ins with the law should not be used to describe events of police brutality. Slager killed Scott for no justifiable reason; Crawford III was cut down in an act of justified homicide. Not paying child support or possessing cannabis should not be the story. The murder of non violent citizens, at the hands of police is.