More police brutality in Southern California

San Bernardino County, CA (TFC) – NBC news helicopter followed in pursuit of an Apple Valley man that led a chase through the desert on Thursday afternoon. As is typical of peace officers, the pursuit ends in a complete violation of civil rights. These continued instances of brutality are not only appalling, they’re abashing police organizations everywhere.


The suspect is being identified as Francis Jared Pusok, 30. This began when a search warrant issuance for his home on I.D. theft suspicion prompted Pusok to flee in a vehicle. The details about how he allegedly stole an already saddled horse are unclear, but the video shows Pusok failing to flee on horseback. After falling from the horse, he can be clearly seen abiding commands to remain on his stomach.  The first 2 officers that arrive use their tasers, then after Pusok puts his arms behind his back he gets repeated blows to his head, groin, and abdomen. He was transferred to the care of health professionals for ‘undisclosed’ injuries.

Sherriff John McMahon on the incident:

“Obviously it’s disturbing… I’m not sure if there was a struggle going on with the suspect. It appears there was in the early parts of the video. What happens afterwards, I’m not sure of.”

What? No doubt it’s disturbing! I’m not a specialist on video analysis, but the footage shows clearly that no struggle took place. Pusok was lying face down, being tased by both officers, and then he received a tactical boot to the face. Which prompts the other officer to start kicking. I don’t know about you, Mr. McMahon, but when I get dehydrated I don’t go kicking and punching at people. Even if I am mad at them for dragging me through the desert.

This of course begs the question once again… If there are 11 officers at this scene, and 4 are using unnecessary force to subdue a suspect, why are 7 officers standing there simply allowing it to happen? Can they be considered good cops, when they all bear witness to a crime that is happening right in front of them and they do nothing because the suspect is one of them?



San Bernadino County Sheriff

San Bernadino County Sheriff