Jes Gehle’s Art Highlighting Human Rights Issues

An Australian artist has been using acrylic and watercolors to highlight some of the more overlooked human rights issues facing the world today.

Art has always been used to confront uncomfortable truths and to provide social commentary that is difficult to put into words. Jes Gehle continues this tradition.

Jes plans to be a social worker and her website says:

“Jes is inspired by contemporary concerns and anxieties, using her paintings to express social issues. She explores the underlying, unconscious ways of the human mind and way of life. She has a focus on mixed media, and is eager to explore her oil paints to incorporate them further into her art. Whilst growing up as a creative type with a love of dancing, sewing, acting and drawing, painting is now her main creative outlet. Within every path of creativity Jes explores, her passion always stems from a deeper emotional basis that is distinctively exhibited.”

She is available for commission and the pieces showcased below are available by contacting her through her website.




Highlights the plight of the more than 11 million civilians that have been displaced by the fighting.The war began in 2011 and has taken the lives of at least 100,000 people. The United Nations has stopped attempting to keep an accurate death toll.


military trials civlians egypt

Military trials of civilians in Egypt have suppressed the rights of tens of thousands.


domestic violence

Domestic violence injures millions and is an issue that observes no borders or demographic barriers.

Aboriginal forced

In Australia, the forced closure of aboriginal communities is causing protests in Sydney and Melbourne today.

humantrafficking-jessica-gA piece highlighting human trafficking, sexual slavery, and other forms of forced servitude.