Hamas Affiliated Group Launches Counter-Attack on ISIS Near Yarmouk Refugee Camp

A faction of Hamas, known as Aknaf Beit al-Maqdis, with the help of Syrian rebel groups, have recently pushed back ISIS forces on the outskirts of Damascus, Syria near the Palestinian Refugee camp, Yarmouk.

Damascus, Syria – (TFCYarmouk refugee camp has fallen deeper into devastation since 2012, when it was caught it the midst of Syrian conflict. Already plagued with despair, the camp faced a new horror when ISIS forces invaded the region earlier this month.

In the Islamic State’s attempt to gain a foothold on the Syrian capital, the extremist militant group began bombarding Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus on April 1st. However, roughly two weeks later, Palestinians have been able to push ISIS forces back and regain some strength in the region, with the assistance of Syrian rebels.

Nonetheless, Yarmouk essentially remains in ruin and rubble, and the residents of the camp are left with the grim options of staying or fleeing – two choices that are almost completely vacant of hope.