El Salvador’s immigration and human trafficking becoming issue with US

"USBP-SRT-New Orleans" by Gerald Nino - Source: CBP.GOV

“USBP-SRT-New Orleans” by Gerald Nino – Source: CBP.GOV

San Salvador, El Salvador (nsnbc) – Diplomatic relations between El Salvador and the United States have come under additional strain over migration, the allocation of US aid to prevent migration to the States and allegations about corruption, involving migration, human trafficking and an El Salvadoran lawmaker.

The United States considers it “difficult” to back financial aid to the FMLN governed El Salvador led by President Sanchez Ceren.

Meanwhile, U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador, Mari C. Aponte, stated that “the government of the United States is working hard to obtain the money for the Alliance for Prosperity Program”, adding that realities are making that work harder.The regional, Latin American, State-funded Telesur touts the United States’ statements as a “response to El Salvador’s support for calls to repeal U.S. President Obama’s executive order that declared Venezuela as an extraordinary threat to U.S. security”. 

The United States and the Obama administration proposed the allocation of US$1 billion in aid to the region as part of the initiative to limit immigration to the USA by aiding regional development.

FMLN Secretary General Gonzalez responded to the strained relations with allegations about the United States “using its political weight” against countries who support Venezuela, saying:

“We have the right to back Venezuela. We have expressed our solidarity and we maintain that the decree should be repealed”.

Arguably, both El Salvadoran and U.S. American “public statements” are designed for “public consumption”, and usually aimed at a domestic audience.U.S. Ambassador Mari Caren Aponte’s statement, however, didn’t necessarily relate to El Salvador’s support for Venezuela’s request to repeal Obama’s executive order.

Meanwhile diplomatic protocol, and positioning does, more often than not, distract from the de facto politic that is going on beyond the public media spectacle.

Ambassador Aponte’s statement is, arguably, signalling that the recent arrest of the 41-year-old El Salvadoran substitute Congressman Jose German Iraheta Mendez for a human trafficking racket is complicating the Obama administration’s work to allocate the US$1 billion in aid to limit immigration to the USA.

That is, independently of the fact that the U.S. is “throwing around its weight” against Venezuela and others as it has done for decades.

El Salvadoran prosecutors are investigating Mendez for a scheme that helps El Salvadorans to get into the United States in exchange for $ 7,500.

A hefty price tag, considering the average income in El Salvador. Jose German Iraheta Mendez stands to face prosecution due to the fact that substitute lawmakers don’t enjoy immunity from prosecution.


Author: Christof Lehmann

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